Leadership Essay Sample on the Strategies to Achieve Goals

Published: 2017-10-23
Leadership Essay Sample on the Strategies to Achieve Goals
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How to measure progress towards goals

Goal 1:

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The effects of the achievement of the goals laid out in the strategic plan are measurable. The first goal entails enhancing my ability to engage with my workforce. Observation of social interactions within the team I lead will find use in determining progress towards this first goal. This is mainly because I am supposed to achieve this through social interaction and regular meetings with the team members I lead. In addition, this is achievable through team building and social building activities to create an environment that encourages direct dialog. This will allow the members of the workforce to troubleshoot any issues they are having at work directly to their leader.

The effects of the achievement of this goal are quite easy to observe because engaging with member of ones workforce is a direct interaction. In other words, if a leader has been able to engage freely and regularly with as many followers as possible, this goal has been achieved successfully. The vice versa is also true. That is, if a leader has not been able to engage freely and directly with his workforce then this goal has not been achieved and he might not be able to achieve the next goal.

Goal 2:

Observation of the team I lead will find use in determining progress towards this second goal. The success of this goal is measurable through the collection of feedback from the members of the workforce who had raised issues. The failure to achieve this goal can be observed in a number of ways. Firstly, if the first goal is not achieved this goal will automatically not be achieved. Secondly, if the leader does not act on the information received to deal with the issues affecting his workforce then this goal has not been met. The third way in which this goal would fail to be met is if after the carrying out of problem resolution the members of the workforce report that they are still dealing with the same issues. This would mean the goal has not been achieved.

Goal 3:

The examination of individual work output and quality will find use in third goal will be determining progress towards this first goal. The number of financial rewards offered to employees will help determine the progress of achieving this goal. The failure to meet this goal would mean anything other than those outlined conditions of success. Furthermore, the number of positive recognitions for individual or group efforts will find use in determining progress towards the goal. This implies that if a large number of employees are receiving positive recognition then the objectives of the goal are successful. On the other hand, if there are no positive recognitions for effort and exemplary work output then the goal is successful in achieving its objective.

Team productivity

The whole point of the need to adopt a workable strategic plan has to do with the fact that successful implementation implies tangible benefits for all parties involved. The first goal, which is the enhancement of my ability to engage with the members of my workforce, will have direct benefits to the team I lead as well as myself. The ability to communicate and engage will help with the collection of information about the issues that make the working experience bad for people at the team I lead. This in turn brings with it the potential to fix those problems. If the goal is met, the problems affecting the working experience will be dealt with leading to improved working conditions.

The second goal will be achieved when the leadership is able to increase the efficiency of the team. This will done by understanding specific issues affecting the workforce, as well as, making changes aimed at dealing with the identified issues. Once this goal has been met there are bound to be benefits. The removal of delays, the purchase of better machinery, the training of personnel and the management of time in a manner that promotes effectiveness are all changes that when successfully implemented will bring about direct benefits to the organization. The purchase of modern equipment and assigning appropriate work to different team members are both bound to make life easier for the workers themselves.

The third goal relates to the motivation of the workforce. Some benefits should come out of the achievement of the first two goals. These benefits are solely responsible for the success of the achievement of this third goal. The only reason the organization has gone in pursuit of the motivation of the workforce to keep doing what they are doing is that the system adopted shows signs of success. The proposed methods of motivation and inspiration depend on the increase in income that is bound to be brought about by the success of the organization that has come about due to the increase in efficiency and potential. An increase in morale can be very beneficial to the organization itself because the workers will be at their most productive state. A worker rewarded and recognized for putting in more effort at work will continue to provide high quality work and work output. The rewards from this type of arrangement are going to be felt by all parties involved.


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