Free Essay on the Articles About One Thousand and One Nights

Published: 2019-12-11
Free Essay on the Articles About One Thousand and One Nights
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The story of One Thousand and One Nights is a story read everywhere in the world, although only a few people could dare to read the whole of it. The main reason why it has been hard to read the whole of the story is the fact that it is written in the expansive narrative story. The tales of the Arabian Nights was passed orally until 9th the century when it was compiled in scripts by scribes. Many reviews have been done on the story. There is a hidden message of humanity in the story that was characterized by narratives. The paper will examine two articles that explain the mysterious theme of humanity in it.

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The first article is called The Humanist Message Hidden amid the Violence of One Thousand and One Nights and talks about the humanity, in particular with the female character, Scheherazade. According to the articles, there are many acts of compassion in the story, especially shown by the female actors story of thousand nights (Fassler). The famous story of Scheherazade shows a brave woman who had humanity. The story saved many people. At the time Scheherazade was married. All the virgins had gone to exile fearing the wrath of the king. The servant of the king had no one except his daughter. The article explains that the wise virgin decided to save the virgins who had escaped from the country. The bravery of the woman was meant to show humanity. Few people could offer themselves to the bloodthirsty king, who would bed and kill her in the sunrise. The servant would be murdered by the king, for being unable to find a virgin in the kingdom since they had all gone exile (Fassler).The brave girl decided to save his father. She was determined to create suspense in stories she told King with the goal of protecting herself, the servant, and the virgins of territory.

The hidden humanity builds up in between the main theme of oppressed and the oppressor. The article represents a society where the women were fighting for survival in the community that was ruled by men. The article says that the women in the story are so cunning, and they use the tricks to fight and overcome people who are oppressing them. The cunning woman was able to defeat the king, and by her humanity action, she saved many people.

Another article is The Arabian Nights: One Thousand and One Nights Themes. It explains various themes of the story A Thousand and One Nights. Some of the stories present are compassion and the power of storytelling. The article does not explain the action if the king but talks about another main character in the play, Sinbad, the sailor. In his actions of feeding the porter displayed humanity, in a community that was full of oppression. Sinbad was an attractive person and received a lot of hospitality from different kings he visited (Marzolph) The kindness was rare. The power of storytelling had a lot of significance in the story, and it where the story is built.

The two articles display the presence of humanity amid oppression in the society. Despite the fact that abuse dominated the society, there were different bits of humanity present. The human was associated with the power of storytelling. Scheherazade and the Porter won their understanding by use of power in storytelling.

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