Free Essay on the Environmental Policy in the USA

Published: 2017-09-29
Free Essay on the Environmental Policy in the USA
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Environmental Policies

The environmental policies in the United States are federal governmental actions that control the activities that preserve the environment. The goals of these policies are to protect the surroundings for future generations thereby making sure that there is the least interference with the economy and also freedom with the people. This guideline was developed in the 1960s and 1970s where several ecological laws were passed which regulated air and water pollution as well as formed the environmental protection bureau. Due to high costs associated with these set of legislation, there have been debates from businesses and following interests which limit the rise of environmental budgets thereby slowing down the efforts which are put forward to protect the atmosphere.

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Since the 1970s, there have been significant achievements in the regulation of the environment. These may be due to the boost of air and water quality and a slighter degree control of hazardous waste. There has also been recorded scientific compromise on global warming together with political anxiety from the environmental groups which lead to the modification of these policies thus leading to the suggestions on limiting on the greenhouse gases. In this study, we shall view a particular law which has been put forward to regulate the environment for the future generations in the United States. Will also look how it has affected people and also the economy.

Clean Water Act

This law primarily regulates the discharges that may contaminate the quality and standards of exterior water (Gross, 2012). It has also implemented various pollution programs such as setting wastewater values for industries, setting quality principles for all contaminants that can pollute the float up water, and also making it illegal to discharge any pollutant from a starting place into traversable waters unless a permit is obtained. The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) is the body that was given the mandate to control the discharges that would end up in water pollution. This is where the personality homes were connected to the municipal system, infected systems, distinct pipes or even man-made ditches.

The Water Office ensures that they protect the health of human beings, and thus make sure that they support economic and entertaining activities for the people. This office also works hard to provide a healthy environment for fish, plants, and wildlife animals. By shielding them, help the economy of the country to grow and also beautify the environment for a better living. Also for any industry to operate it was given a set of instructions which were regulated setting out the control programs which included coming up with ways to manage their wastes as per the wastewater standards.

This body made it unlawful for any person to liberate from any pollutant from a point source into navigable water unless a permit was obtained under its provision. In conclusion, this study has affirmed that there has been water pollution in the United States but since the law was amended it controlled the pollution (Leonard, 2011). It also made the economy develop progressively since the health status of the people was improved and also protecting both the animals and plants.


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