Free Essay on Transgender Rights

Published: 2020-04-28
Free Essay on Transgender Rights
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There is a constantly increasing population of transsexual and transgender people in every society. In its simple definition, transgender is an individual who argues that they got born in an inaccurate or wrong body. These people normally possess the conscience of opposite genders (Amenta et al 340). I have the belief that transgender people experience least protection and at the same time most prosecuted worldwide. Most studies show that transgender people suffer abuses such as being kicked or punched by their fellow colleagues

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Normally, transgender people suffer regular eviction from jobs, their homes, and at times denied medical attention. More than twenty five percent of transgender people who are surveyed annually have lost their jobs due to discrimination at their workplaces (Amenta et al 340). Most hospitals refuse to offer medical treatment to many transgender persons since most of the staffs refer to them as it instead of their real identity. Most transgender persons have higher risks of losing their homes and families at early ages of below fifteen years. At the same time, there is an always constant inconvenience obstacle that keeps reminding the transgender people that they are outcasts and therefore do not belong. In certain states even just changing gender on an individuals driving license needs an order from the court (Amenta et al 340). Furthermore, a number of health insurance only plans for one gender procedures, mostly for those born male but transitions to be female.

For some people the challenges they face by being transgender prove insurmountable. Many of them end up committing suicide due to the difficulties they have to put up with on a daily basis as transgender persons. In a related statistics, a third of transgender people at certain points in their lives attempt suicide (Lombardi et al 91). These are merely statistics, and as per my knowledge, not most people get moved by just statistics. In many countries civil rights kind of movements have succeeded by convincing the majority of the population that some minority group is being mistreated. For the success of this, many citizens have to see the transgender people as normal human beings without judging them. Movement of gay rights for instance, has achieved tremendous strides since large numbers of people are related, know, or understand the gay persons better. The main problem facing the transgender people is the fact that they are so few that their effects normally feel invisible at times (Lombardi et al 91). I had never given this issue such a deep thought until the realization of the importance of respecting and protecting the transgender rights.

Transgender term got coined in 1980s and included all persons behaving outside the biological gender social norms. Contrary to the usual assumption, most transgender people often do not undergo surgery of sexual-reassignment (Lombardi et al 91). This is due to two reasons, either they prefer not to or they are incapable of meeting the expense required. Transmen are the ones who are less likely to undertake the surgery since the procedure is so complex and extremely expensive. Understandably, perhaps what matters most is the gender identity and not sexual orientation, genitalia, or sex.

Since history began, transgender persons have always been there and in some parts of the world, they have always enjoyed greater acceptance than other parts. Revolution of transgender medication started in Germany around 1930s at Dr. Magnus institute, he was a gay sexologist (Drescher & Jack 430). In most parts of the world, for quite a length of time, transgender people have always been marginalized making them band together. The equal protection chapter of the Civil Rights Act, 1964, clearly prohibits discrimination based on gender. Over the years, however, various courts have had disagreements on the application of this law to people who present themselves in different gender to that which they were born. Supreme Court up to date has not weighed in thus making the legal approach to remain murky (Drescher & Jack 430). The world is still not even close to achieving any uniformity in treatment of different kinds of people.

Anti-discriminatory laws on transgender people more so in the United States are being enacted continuously. However, transgender rights face a lot of snags in several other places. For instance, the senate of New York failed in its antidiscrimination bill on gender identity. In typical areas, transgender people do not have the right to marry since various courts have ruled that legal marriages only occur between people whose birth certificates show that they are of opposite genders (Drescher & Jack 430). Some countries only affect antidiscrimination law on people with the right birth certificates thus preventing transgender people from altering their birth certificates.

Not all people fit in the white-and-black, binary gender that our forefathers insisted to be the only truth. Transgender people normally want to be viewed by the world as of different genders to those that they actually possessed during birth. This normally make them to be judged by the world as something they actually are not, and in this way they often get affected (Drescher & Jack 430). I sometimes imagine this non-existent society where there is nothing of the gender role sort. Where it never matters is whether one is a girl or a boy, and free to do anything without having to be judged. This is the world I am pushing every individual to fit in, a world where no one really cares about their gender.

A lot of milestones are already being made in a constant basis. It is normal to be slightly different because that matter, what does not matter is being different than anybody else is. As a matter of fact, liking who one is and having a good time due to having made the decision to be a transgender is the most integral thing (Lind & Amy 5). Transgender activists lead the way through their relentless push for the inclusion of transgender people in gender antidiscrimination protection law. The human rights movements in different parts of the world through various judiciary systems remain the central part of reviewing the transgender rights.

To sum up, the world need to still do a lot as far as transgender rights is concerned. This is because even though improvements have been made worldwide concerning the protection and rights of the transgender people, it is evident that it will take more than just laws and rights to eventually make the transgender persons fully accommodated. What should be encouraged the most is boosting the confidence of these people through the support of their final decisions. Finally, accepting this group of people for who they are is very essential and therefore, the whole world should refocus their strategies on transgender rights.

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