Healthcare Benefits of Moringa Tree Free Essay Example

Published: 2022-12-08
Healthcare Benefits of Moringa Tree Free Essay Example
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Discursively, today I will talk about Moringa tree in terms of the kind of tree it is, uses, benefits, side effects and most importantly the place to find it. Moringa is a kind of tree that is drought resistance, fast growing and mostly found in South Asia which experiences both tropical and subtropical climate. It is highly cultivated because of its widespread benefits and uses. However, the most refined species of the breed is Moringa .oleifera .the height of the tree is about ten to twelve centimeters and the truck is forty-five centimeters in diameter the bark is covered by a cork and is white-grey in color. The young shoots of the tree have a bark which is greenish-white or purplish in color. John, (1993)

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Moringa contains many compounds which are healthful which include: Vitamin A, VitaminB1to B6, calcium, potassium, iron , magnesium, phosphorous, zinc , folate and ascorbic acid. Extract from the tree is also free from harmful cholesterol and extremely low-fat levels. Moringa tree parts are also edible depending on the region, the parts include; leaves, flowers, roots, mature seeds, immature seed pods, and oil pressed from the seeds Leone A(2015). Moringa is very much profitable and useful to a wide range of people worldwide.

Moringa has a lot of uses and benefits which include treatment of different kinds of diseases and mostly the complicated ones. To start with Moringa treats Anaemia and sickle cell through helping the body absorb more iron increasing red blood cells.Secondly, the tree extract also treats Asthma by reducing the frequency of the disease attack and protection from bronchial constrictions and generally helps in breathing and lung functioning. Additionally, Moringa extracts help reduce the amount of protein and sugar found in urine and glucose in the blood. These reductions improve the level of hemoglobin and protein content. Edema is a condition whereby fluids build up in specific body tissues and it is treated by Moringa. Moringa has an anti-inflammatory property which is effective in preventing the development of Edema. Most importantly,niazimicin, found in the tree extract suppresses the development of cancer cells hence helping in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Cecilia A, (2013)

Apart from diseases Moringa has other benefits; protects and nourishes skin and hair, the seeds helps in shielding hair from free extremists hence keeping it clean and fit. Radovich,(2011). The protein in Moringa help in protecting damage of skin cells and also contain detoxifying and hydrating elements which boost skin and hair. Other benefits also include protection of the liver, treating abdominal illnesses such as constipation, gastritis and ulcerative colitis, help in fighting bacterial diseases and helping heal wounds and many more benefits.

Similar apart from the benefits the tree extracts can be used to decrease mass, help lower fat and plasma compression, prevent swelling, help body convert fats into energy, reduce exhaustion and advance energy levels. However, everything has a positive and negative side.Moringa tree has many advantages but it has its shortcomings which the user should be aware of when using the tree products. Moringa has anti-fertility qualities hence it is not recommended for pregnant mothers and mothers who are fertile.

Anyone using Moringa for treatment purpose should be aware of the following side effects. One should not combine Moringa with other medication while treating thyroid problems. Extract from Moringa may also decrease the breaking down of medicines by the liver and this may lead to various side effects or complications. Patients with lower blood sugar levels should be careful when using Moringa because it can lower the sugar very low hence causing death likewise while controlling high blood pressure Moringa should be used alongside other drugs because it may result to lowering the pressure too low.


As I conclude today I have discussed Moringa tree one of the most renown trees. The topic was mainly on the description of the tree, place where it is found, benefits of different parts of the tree inclusion of leaves, seeds, truck and extracts and also the side effects of using the tree extracts for medicinal purposes. Remember the tree comprises a variation of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Moringa as few side effects to the users, patients taking medication should seek doctors' advice before using Moringa extract. Moringa is natively found in India but also found in Asia, South Africa, America, and Africa.


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