Essay Sample on Effects of Technology on the American Society

Published: 2017-12-05
Essay Sample on Effects of Technology on the American Society
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Technology has changed society since its inception. Over the last twenty years, cellular devices like iPads, iPods, computers, and the most significantly one is the internet which has shaped the structure of the community, the way peoples interact and the cultural values of the people. Technology implementation in the various sectors of the society has led to the transformation of the way communities used to behave, do things and other perspectives hence creating a very high demand for the technology. It is crucial for the different sectors of the economy to embrace the technology since it makes work easier and enhances the efficiency. The technology has changed how the society looks thus shaping different sectored of the organization like the schools, hospitals, and companies. The application of the technology in the society has brought in the positive effects in the society. The technology has led to the enormous benefits the socioeconomic and cultural values of the peoples. This research seeks to establish the positive impacts of the technology in the society.

Peer Review

Technology in the society has both negative and positive effects but it has majorly contributed positively. The benefits it has brought in the society are more than the adverse effects.The book under review is “Positive and Negative effects of technology” by Mark Brown. In the current work, where there is a greater advancement in technology, the world has become reliant on it. When one tries to compare the life in the past without technology where was unheard of, and the present where technology is part of us, we are better; now we have better facilities, and luxury living has cropped into the society.


According to Bassala (2009), technology has been applied in the production of the essential goods and services which were not there before the introduction of the technology. This has widened the consumers’ choices and the satisfactions in general. This has led to the advancement in the society and the thus the meets the consumers are regularly met. The internet has made it possible for societies in recent times to link up and enhance the sharing of information and globalization (Edward, 2006). He added that advertisement and another form of the communication had reached the masses within very few seconds and consequently, this has enhanced the entertainment industry which is primarily based on an advertisement. According to Jenkin (2002) the internet infrastructure has enabled made the scholars, researchers and other individuals to share information over the globe in over a very short period.

Fox (2006) argued that the inappropriate utilization of the internet and mobile phones for issues such as pornography has contaminated the social culture of the current world. He asserts the improper use of the phones, in particular by the teenagers, can make them be exposed to the immoral behaviors hence getting ruined earlier. The computer technology has changed the current world today unlike the past appearance (Edward, 2006). The computers are used to store the information processing and organizing and managing the larger volume of the information data. Edward (2006) argued that the technology will be only helpful to the young workers while decreasing the performance of the old workers.

Technology has been very beneficial to the community. It has improved our daily life. In my research, I realized technology has brought about globalization, and globalization has turned the world into a small village, we can communicate with our friends who live miles away from us by just click of a button e.g. on Facebook, Skype, and Whatsapp. We can share information with anyone in the world. Students can find books online without much difficulty.(Cameron, 67). The internet has made a very simple way for people to communicate and share information through emails, downloads, media sharing of files and websites.

The internet as a form of technology has made it easy for scholars, researchers, and others to share data globally in an instant. To the business corporate, advertising has been made a very simple task. A large number of populations can watch or listen to the advertisements within few seconds. This means that the product or service on the advert can be bought by new customers to learn or test the product.

Modern technology has enabled the world to utilize the available resources for better living in the society. The world can now excavate minerals and crude oil which are used in running of engines, therefore, making life easier as we travel destinations quicker unlike the past. We can find the cure for many diseases and preventable measures to spread the effects. With progressive technology food security has improved as a modern way to grow and store food has been developed. Almost three-quarter of the world can feed itself. (Hall, 142)

Business exchanges are so much quicker nowadays that cash change hands but electronically by the nanosecond. Is all the more energizing that these business acquisitions and additions are conceivable notwithstanding when the purchaser and the merchant are at the inverse parts of the world? Besides, estimations today are more exact. This is absolutely exceptionally accommodating for each business visionary with regards to deciding. Innovation has likewise made items more accessible to buyers as well (Hall, 142). This implies enormous organizations can't unequivocally corner the business since there are different organizations that can offer a less expensive option. The ability to pick ought to dependably be because of the buyer.

Another extremely beneficial outcome that innovation has given humankind is in social insurance. Cutting edge healing facilities are more composed and for the most part more productive in sparing individuals' lives in light of the fact that their therapeutic expert's ability and commitment are matched with the most recent innovation that improves for treatment.

Factors influencing gaming

1. Gaming products are familiar to many people in the US

2. Word of mouth- friends share information about gaming resulting in work groups of friends focused on gaming

3. The games have an interesting storyline that attracts different groups of gamers

4. High-quality graphics of the games and gaming console invites gamers to play longer

5. The price also influences gaming. Good prices that can attract individuals to purchase gaming products.

6. Families tend to influence kids to play games at a free time to prevent children from evil companies, but later gaming becomes the top priority for the kids.


Statistical figures (%)

Family influence


Graphics quality


Good storyline


Influence by friends


Product familiarity




A few studies have demonstrated that students who have better access with innovation have better odds of learning and doing great at school than those without. It can't be denied that the web is precious with regards to inquire about and supplemental studies for understudies of all levels. Devices that can associate with the web make access to instructive materials more helpful. With the assistance of innovation understudies have all the learning assets at the tip of their fingertips. While genuine books have their own particular appeal it can't be contended that web prepared cell phones make concentrate more advantageous for understudies than if they were still to depend on conventional books. In this manner innovation has effect in training a great deal.


The questionnaire is used as a source of primary data. The questionnaires were delivered to the people involved through their postal address or emails as soft copy.

Sample Questionnaire

1. Age [12-22] [23-35] [36-46] [47-55] [56 and above]

2. What is your state?

3. How long have you been playing games?

4. How did you find out about gaming?

5. Which is your gaming device?

6. What are your average gaming hours in a day?

[1-6] [7-12] [12 hours or more]

7. Do your parents influence your gaming hours?

[Yes] [No]

8. Gender [male] [female]


In this study, the survey is being employed. I observed the periods gamers love to play. How they enjoy it and ways to stop addiction

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