Free Essay with a Formal Analysis of Ahmed Morsi's The Family

Published: 2019-11-07 07:08:04
Free Essay with a Formal Analysis of Ahmed Morsi's The Family
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Ahmed Morsi has chosen a rather simple method of oil on canvas to carefully design a piece of art of great quality. The piece of art directly reflects the title and is composed of a typical family composed of five individuals gathered around a table. The painting is quite sizable and stands at dimensions of 197.5 cm by 199.5 cm. This piece of art was first designed by an artist called Alexandria in 1930 but was later recreated by Ahmed Morsi in 1968. The artist has excelled in using the mechanisms involved in painting and figurative art to depict some of the predicaments faced by the typical affluent family.

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The painting shows the upper body parts of four grown up individuals and the full image of a baby lying on his back on a table. Their images are against a tinted blue and pink background with no clear-cut difference. The bed has bright overflowing linen spread on it at the center of the painting with intermittently contrasting patches of green and brown coloration. Three of the adults who appear to be males are painted in a rather dull and tinted green outfit. Their bold facials make up and outfits appear to be a matter of great concern here. The male to the far left has a golden crown bestowed on his head and is seated on more illuminated seat unlike the others. The female seated beside the crowned man is presented in a distinctly clear outfit and is the only other person with a clear face and smooth body complexion along with the baby. The baby, surprisingly located far from almost all the individuals, is lying near an empty seat tucked closer to the table edge.

On the far left edge of the paint work is a nearly concealed background of what seems to be a pink wall cabinet with an emphasized and well lit wall clock upon it depicting five oclock. The far lowest end of the supposed cabinet has the initials of the artist inscribed on it as A.M and the year of the painting as 68.

The painting, The Family, is presented as a more two dimensional piece of art work that fills the entirety of the work frame with a real and contrasting pattern of texture. The painting has a more static and motionless set up coupled with a low strength light source akin to the late hours of the day. The light however comes with a more appealing contrasting value to the painting. The artist has managed to create clear and distinct lines and coloration edges of the images presented on the painting with no major incidences of overlapping colors.

The use of thin, thick and impressed lines has effortlessly brought out the two dimensional perspective of the painting. This is through the creation of definite and regular rectangular objects and curves on the background of the painting. The choice of the artist to use secondary and complementary color for the entirety of the paint is suggestive of the time setting of the art work. The decorative use of these mixed colors on the background and outfit of the paint characters successfully implies the affluent status of The Family.

The painting has used very little yet distinct colors to create a unified impression of the piece of art work. The weight and sizes of images making up the painting are relatively proportionate to the scale of the entire painting. This has been further ensured by choice of color pattern and setting rhythm of the components, doing great to the symmetrical portrait and balance of the painting in relation to the background. The choice of color must have been out of experience and artistically done. The nature of the drawing are thematic in nature hence very resourceful to the targeted group.

As initially outlined in the introductory and thesis statements, the artist has effectively used perspective art through painting to depict the predicaments within a typically affluent family. There is more to this piece of art work beyond the design, lighting and symmetry. The bold and dejected faces of the painting characters represent the kind of dilemma that comes with the delivery of a new born child, especially if it is an unplanned incidence or gender. The artist has directly reversed joyful mood that comes with the reception of a new member into the family to a more somber mood with a great deal of contrasting decisions to make.

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