Essay on Navigating UAE's Cyber Legal Landscape: Data Protection, Privacy, and Cyber Offenses

Published: 2023-12-03
Essay on Navigating UAE's Cyber Legal Landscape: Data Protection, Privacy, and Cyber Offenses
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The United Arab Emirates has the most detailed and comprehensive Cyber Crimes Law that provides a range of new offenses. These cybercrime regulations declare high penalties to individuals who commit the offense. Punishable crimes are stated in the regulations for publishing and promoting indecent acts (Imranuddin, 2017). The range of crimes committed by using the internet is codified with the sentences for guilty fraudsters. The type of security legislation is implemented to minimize the cyber-crime risks that may occur in the advanced world of technology. Cyber-crime offenses for which there is the creation of legislation and declaration of sentence and punishments are made due to publishing information of others and violating their privacy by eavesdropping and publishing the information on social media. The local government, particularly the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, acknowledges the need for such laws and the importance of staying up to date in the cybercrime world when talking about the positive points of cybercrime laws in the United Arab Emirates (Jisr, 2019). The security legislation of information technology in the United Arab Emirates can be categorized into Data Privacy, Computer fraud and abuse, and Data protection and security.

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Computer fraud and abuse

Computer espionage and abuse usually attract imprisonment of not more than ten years or a fine. The individual may be given both penalties at the same time.

The Regulation on Publishing and Printing

This act forbids news publication, comments, or pictures associated with the personal life of an individual. It forbids the disclosure of secrets that defame other individuals. The legislation calls for imprisonment when the protection and exchange of personal data are misused. Dubai might be the only Emirate that has issued laws that address the exchange, transfer, and protection of data directly on the Emirate level.

The Cyber-Crime Law

This law deals with individuals who utilize the cyber network to violate the privacy of a confident person. Disclosing confidential information of a person that may be obtained during his duty may call this law to punish with imprisonment to the perpetrators.

Data protection and security

The Regulations on General Data Protection in the United Arab Emirates came into force in 2018. The United Arab Emirates does not have exact legislation that regulates personal data protection. However, numerous provisions across different legislations and regulations address personal data protection. The primary laws of the United Arab Emirates that touch on data protection include;

The United Arab Emirates Penal Code

This federal legislation suggests that any individual breaching another person’s privacy ought to be imprisoned as well as fined. Its punishment is intensified to the public employees who are considered as the perpetrators. The principle is emphasized in both the federal and Emirate legislation.

The law on the Regulation of the telecommunication Sector

This directive created the Telecommunication Regulation Authority. The competencies of the telecommunication authority are identified, which involves the issuing of laws regarding the utilization of client information. The regulation reprimands any individual who reveals the unique content of the message or calls via the web.

The Decree on the Human Medicine Profession Practices

The regulation prohibits doctors from disclosing the secrets confided to them by their patients. The law lists the prohibition cases as well as the exceptions of this subject. Breaching the privacy of a patient is termed to be punished with a fine or imprisonment to any professional in the field of human medicine.

Data Privacy

Although it generally refers to data, the provisions of data privacy policies incorporate laws related to data dissemination. Specifically, personal data privacy policies are attributed to the providers of data.

Dubai Statistics Center Law

This law expressly regards private data gathered from the statistical activities or explorations to be confidential. The exchange of this data or its transfer is only required to be done through the provided center with high competency. This law punishes any individual who does not adhere to it with imprisonment.

Health Data Protection Regulation

This regulation was explicitly issued by the Healthcare City Authority of Dubai to manage the gathering, exchange, and transfer of personal health information. The information includes the patient’s body substances, disabilities, and medical records obtained from them. Going against this regulation is punishable through imprisonment.


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