Queer Immigrant Admission Essay, Free Example

Published: 2022-07-29
Queer Immigrant Admission Essay, Free Example
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In life, I have encountered many challenges that have played a pivotal role in shaping my future. At a tender age of 13 years, I moved to the US as a documented immigrant. The first problem I encountered while at the US was language barrier. I hardly spoke English language, which had negative ramifications on my life in the US. For instance, I had difficulty making friends or carrying out fundamental tasks such as filling out forms and buying food among others. In this regard, I always felt lonely and hopeless, a situation that made me suffer from depression. In school, I could not understand anything being taught because I did not understand English language. Consequently, I performed poorly in my academic work as I could not comprehend examination questions. As a result, my self-esteem dropped and enthusiasm in learning faded away. Moreover, I had challenges in accessing transport services during my first two years in the US. Since I never understood English language, I could not locate public transit services. In most cases, I could be stranded as I could not approach people to read and translate for me transit information on noticeboards and flyers. I, therefore, ended up feeling disappointed and sad for my tribulations.

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I also had difficulty adjusting to the American culture. I experienced cultural shock as I was homesick and often felt anxious and discouraged. It is worthy to mention that I took long to adjusting American foods. Notably, I could skive eating on several occasions within my first two years in the US as the American foods had adverse effects on my body. This situation made me lose weight rapidly, thereby slowing down my metabolism. Other than the external problems of language and culture, I also had issues with my sexual identity. During the years when I first moved into the US, same-sex relationships were outlawed and considered immoral. I being gay, I found it very had to open up to people about my sexual orientation lest they ridicule me. I, therefore, could keep quite even though I desired to share my feelings and get my gay partner.

Imperatively, I never let the above challenges to deter me from achieving my personal and career goals. After two years of struggling in the US, I decided to work hard to avert the challenges. I began taking more English classes to enable me understand the language. With determination, it never took me long before being fluent in English. It is pivotal to know that after I learnt the language, I made so many friends as I was able to express myself freely. The ramification of established friendship was that I never felt lonely and thus eradicated homesickness. It is also vital to understand that the ability to communicate in English also enabled me to access public transit services with ease for I was able to read transit information on flyers as well as verbally ask for directions. Furthermore, I decided to speak up as far as my sexual identity is concerned. I openly told people that I am a gay, which made me to develop friendship with people having the same sexual identity. It is also pivotal to highlight I now have a partner whom I can share my feelings. Had I let the internal and external challenges take control over me, I would not have probably developed anxiety disorder and other mental-related illness.

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