Essay Example on the Motives and Goal Setting for a College Student to Succeed

Published: 2022-04-05
Essay Example on the Motives and Goal Setting for a College Student to Succeed
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After achieving a eight-year experience in the technical job and getting the required experience I felt that was not only enough. Job offers and being involved in managerial task that require critical thinking are the key motivator of pursuing a master's degree. Managerial position requires individual with vast knowledge in relevant fields who can handle challenges and solve them appropriately. Inadequate knowledge in managerial position may lead to poor management of work hence reduced productivity. Motivational factor are the main element that encourages individual to enroll for further studies to cope with work challenges.

According to researchers, the adverse effect can be the reason why many young people are boycotting classes (Bryan 1967). Lectures need to identify the main drawbacks and use it as a critical lesson to another student who has the negative perception of education. The teacher is supposed to be encouraging student on how to handle various circumstances in the society today. Student fails due to lack of knowledge. Building student foundation starts with a motivational factor, encouraging student on how to develop success factor and equipping them with knowledge. However, this role depends on parental guidance.

Introduction of programme based discussions needs to be introduced in colleges once a student is enrolling in a course to be thoroughly equipped with different alternatives to survival once done with schooling. Experience is the best practice for one who is ready to study and need to succeed. The main reason why I conducted this study was to discuss the impact of motivation and goal setting strategy and how they are necessary in to student. Therefore, leading to the research topic of this study. There are three main reasons for pursuing higher education. The main reason is based on the job. To be promoted to the next rank employers are considering higher education and those with masters are at higher chances of securing a better paying job and frequent promotions. As the area of opportunity has been identified it motivated a lot of student to enrolment to for higher courses. Once individual is in a managerial task the kind of responsibilities assigned motivate an employee to acquire a more knowledge that can assist while dealing with difficult situation.

The second reason was to upgrade the academic credentials. Knowledge is power, and with necessary skills, one can perform behold the measures. Due to the advancement of education system globally, the motive of learning increased in order to compete globally. Businesses and Tasks nowadays are completed online, and an individual need to develop his technical knowhow so that he can be on competitive edge while dealing with challenging task.

Finally, the need to be in touch with the changing technological aspect one needs to back on books regularly to acquire modern skills and upcoming technical skills in the world. More so, one can incorporate knowledge gained in school on a day to day activities and improve the quality of the workplace.

The scope of the Study

This report was limited to the motives and goal setting for a college student to succeed. The purpose of the study was to define the critical element that motivates a learner to progress in her studies and how beneficial they may be to student. Deliberately, goal setting means setting a desired target that one need to achieve. Goal setting can be short term or long term based on individual interest. Goal set need to be challenging and attainable (Locke 2002).

Motivation is referred to individual thinking, self-awareness of the entire content and monitoring the critical aspect that is required for successful recognition ( Brayn 1967).

Related Literature Review

According to Gomez-Minambres (2012) for a student to succeed in learning one must be aware of vital educational goals. To achieve, one needs to have a summary note containing the critical element of successful studying methods. More so, a wise student will evaluate his success actor instead of making comparisons of another student. According to researchers, one needs to have a well-defined practical idea, wisdom necessary materials, and determination to achieve a goal. The work of a lecture is to give directives and essential documents that are needed to improve their performance. However, Brayn (1967) argued that the main issue with the student is irresponsibility and not dry learning materials. More so, education should be a lesson to train on the responsibility of one's own goals.

However, the level of motivation is lowered by that student who feels they cannot do well to improve their status. Motivation is a natural factor that appears when a student has all the necessary studying materials. Hence, self-regulation helps to boost personal engagement through customized strategic choices. Although, it not essential for one to successes though motivation what it requires for success is self-dedication and individual motivation. However, researchers have tried to argue that motivation assists in boosting own ability to think. Zimmerman attempts to explain the need for motivation and what a student needs so that he can succeed. He says that once a student is equipped with required materials such as books and have a teacher to assist him in the studies, he will surely achieve his goal. However other scientists have tried to criticizes his statement by saying that success depends on individual critical thinking.

Consequently, a well-organized classroom that is free from noise pollution provides the best environment for a student who knows what he wants as individual success. Based on the article "effect of a classroom" it explains the impact that classroom structures have on a student accomplishing their goals. Despite the factor of, structures a student goal also need to be attainable and realistic. Guardians and Teachers have a role in motivating student engaging more on other daily chores that will enable a student to acquire relevant skills in different fields. Any individual, who understand his goals and target progress successfully in life, and is capable of accomplishing his mission, but those with inappropriate visions end up into regret.

Also, when teachers work closely with the student the achievement of a learner improves and academic grades will be appealing. According to research conducted, the brighter student is unable to achieve success due to the weak relationship with the teachers. Once the task has been made easy by a tutor, it eases understanding of a learner hence improving their performance. Consequently, critical thinking needs to be applied once individual decide to enroll for further studies. Once a student sense of mind is embraced learning becomes better and flexibility. The motivational of a student is termed as the fundamental element to success. A student needs to be motivated on a daily basis and expose them to challenges that can boost their thinking ability. There are different ways of stimulating a student; they include offering the gift, encouragements, and inspirational talks. Also, researchers have come up with a conclusion that the most tiresome challenge and task are the best practical's to motivate a student. In particular, when one is exposed to a challenging situation, he develops critical thinking, and he is in a position of making the reasonable solution to a problem. Most students do not perform well in their class merely because they have never been exposed to challenging environment hence low thinking capacity.

Study method

Source of Data

The way for data collection for this study was collected using a questionnaire that involved a group of students at Southwest Texas State University. The questions were divided into three categories. The first part consisted of a list of 15 student performance areas that were affected by lack of motivation. Respondents were required to indicate how lack of motivation has affected their learning. On their manuals, they were required to report areas they need improvement to be done.

The second section of a questionnaire, consist a list of 17 students who had set the goal and how they failed to achieve the goals. The last part contained a list of 10 students who had a goal, motivated and met their target.

Sample Selection

The respondents selected in this case were a student studying at Southwest Texas State University. Each member of the group was responsible for filling three questionnaires in different samples for the confidential report. Control method was used to avoid duplication (Zimmerman, 1992).

Statistical Methods

A Simple analytical method was used to tabulate the results of this research. A Primary data was done using a percent of the response. When computing the reaction, then the number of effects from each part was divided by a total sum of respondents who answered the question.

Limitations of the Study

The study might be discouraged through the use of a questionnaire as a source of data collection method. Hence, this is because a survey is a brief, area that has been affected by a motivational factor. Main areas that affect academic performance were ignored in the questionnaire.

Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations


This study was aimed to determine the effects of motivation and goal setting for a student in the class. The questionnaire was given to MBA student. The respondent was 78.3%accurate.The section contains findings, conclusion, and recommendation.


The findings were presented in three sections according to the following characteristics: Not motivated student, the student with goals but no target and performing student with goals and motivation.

The findings indicated that a well-motivated individual is in a better position of performing well since he has a strong foundation of challenges and is aware of how to solve them. More so, the one who is not motivated can play well if he is a confident minded individual and the one with no motivation and no goal will end up regretting in future. Even if, individual with no set goals is motivated the motivation is useless because he has no set goals to work towards achieving them.


During the findings, many conclusions covering the effects of goal setting and motivation were concluded. Hence motivation cannot be summarized as the central issue why the student doesn't perform. According, to this study it can be completed that goal setting, and self-motivation are the main contributors to success.


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