Essay Sample on the Meaning of Progress and Development Discussion

Published: 2022-11-10
Essay Sample on the Meaning of Progress and Development Discussion
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In history, most societies were found to take part in necessary evils for the reason of ensuring that they produce sufficient food in their economy. Necessary evil refers to an unpleasant thing to an individual, but it must be allowed due to the great result that accrues from it (Tallant 12). In the text, the writer uses an example of rice in plantations found in North America to illustrate the subject matter. The use of slave in these plantations was embraced by planters due to the expensive indentured labor, and they targeted mostly the Africans (Paris 3-11). Despite, the people knowing that the slavery was wrong and it endangered even the life of the slave, they continued to practice because of the profit that resulted from cutting the cost which could have incurred from the paid labor. Therefore, the people ended up accepting it due to the bigger picture of its advantage. The brutal slavery in Northern America can be related to the forced labor that was experienced in the hunter-gatherer method of production. After the society gains the ability to sustain itself, it enslaved another group was to ensure hunting and gathering process continues in industrialist manner. Since rice plantation provided the people with food, therefore it relates to hunting and gathering that usually was aimed for delivering food.

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The concept (Croly 17) also refers to progress. Progress can be defined as the process of getting nearer completing something or gradually developing or getting close to achieving something. After years of enjoying the benefits of slavery, North America started to experience unsustainability and the primary cause being politics and fights among slaves. Thus, the people began to come up with other forms of cultivation while dropping the slavery-based one and this led to the rise of industrialization. The new form started the concept of employment instead of slavery. Therefore, continuous modern agricultural production arose in North America to deal with the food insecurity and expensive labor that might hit them (Paris 26-29). Capitalism is still an issue but through a more progressive form such as the use of modern technology to reshape itself.

The misinterpretation of Jihad that means holy in Islam is an excellent example of the excuse made by some terrorism groups like Al-Shabab to justify their killings, therefore, leading peaceful Muslims to be associated with violent acts of extremists (Latif 21). However, Jihad true meaning is a person's internal struggle to preserve God's will on earth.

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