Essay Example on Leadership Techniques on the Movie Gladiators

Published: 2023-01-03
Essay Example on Leadership Techniques on the Movie Gladiators
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Leadership skills form an integral part of any business entity. It is imperative to note that, leadership techniques involves re -accessing well-used methods to improve the effectiveness of a leader (Ayeni, 2012). Notably, smart leaders do spend a lot of time examining and developing leadership skills that fit a particular set of circumstances to meet the intended objectives. Significantly, this research paper proposes to explore the leadership techniques employed in the selected movies particularly the gladiators (Barker, 2008). The article will intensely focus on the strength and weaknesses of the identified leadership skills. Because effective leadership requires a proper assessment of the leadership techniques, appropriate leadership skills must be employed in suitable circumstances to help meet the intended objectives.

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To begin with, in the movie Gladiators, the two critical main protagonists are Commodus who is considered an emperor and Maximus, the Roman General who is now a slave (Barker, 2008). Tentatively, as for this paper the leadership techniques employed by Maximus as the selected leader whose exemplary performance triumph over the other personalities in the movie. Maximus is considered a supreme leader with immense power and skills who uses his position to command and lead. Following the in-depth analysis of the film, it is evidenced that, for Maximus to adequately supervise the Army in a bid to execute the vengeance for the death of his son and wife. Conversely, he is depicted as one of the efficient leaders with proper leadership techniques as witnessed in his general management.

Time and priority management were one of the fundamental techniques that were commonly used by General Maximus in preparation for the final battle the frankly terrifying German tribes (Barker, 2008). Significantly, the by prioritizing time management the Army under the leadership, Maximus was able to balance the heavy workload with the limited time available to counter the enemy. Time management as a leadership technique worked best for Maximus as he was able to organize troupe for the revenge in the war that requires, more energy well organization to ensure success. In essence, taking up the right action alongside effective time management, help the warriors to understand both the strength and weaknesses of the team entirely. As for Maximus, it is available provided the resources of power, balanced heart and creative energies incoherent expression to organize the whole team to execute effective revenge.

Also, critical thinking is a crucial supervisory skill in understanding to strategically, methodologically make just decisions, solve problems and foster innovations (Ayeni, 2012). Conversely, according to the movie, Maximus is considered the most creative and exhibited a higher thinking style as witnessed in the manner in which he successfully organizes troupe during revenge. When Commodus informed him that he wouldn't be the next emperor, he tactfully launches an attack which later which saw him in jail and then exile in Spain. This move considered vital as it provided him with enough time to gain the needed popularity during revenge. Because of this, Maximus, as portrayed in the movie gladiators, exemplify higher thinking skills which provided him with the ability to develop a step by step process from targeting the enemy to executing the successful attack.

Similarly, collaborative and effective communication forms an integral element of supervision as portrayed by Maximus in the movie gladiators. To be specific, the brief updates and constant dialogue propagated Maximus supervisory and leadership skills to lead and govern the entire troupe which at first seem scattered. On the same account, the continual feedback steadily improved through communication rendered the revenge plan successful as witnessed in the movie. Ultimately, the conflict resolution is one primary mode of supervision employed by Maximus in the movie Gladiators as a way of holding the Army together. Though the Army was marred by several conflicts, resolving the matter was one of the most critical tasks encountered in the entire movie. Most importantly, conflict resolution is considered the most ineffective supervisory techniques which were not fully explored by the Maximus in the whole film. This is because the conflict between Maximus and Commodus spread over to the various groups making it difficult to resolve differences among different parties existing in the movie.

In scene 44, when Commodus visited Maximus and come into contact with Lucius and engages in threatening conversation is considered one of the most significant mistakes from Commodus side(Barker, 2008). Commodus affirmed that, says "I shall throttle those dearest to you (conspirators)" and to bathe in their blood. In this scene, his secrets were openly revealed since at the end of the scene Lucius was gravely wounded. As for me, I could have directed` to the stage to gag Commodus from issuing threats which informs both Lucius and Maximus of his ill intentions (Barker, 2008).

High-stressed environments affect the thought and feelings which later alters the general behavior of a person-affecting immensely the leadership qualities. Notably, the high-stressed platform is highly characterized by certain health complications that might develop into acute depression and later developing into trauma. Based on this analogy, it is evidenced that, a stressful environment affects the mental aspects of an individual's thereby reducing the scope of leadership. On the other hand, a peaceful environment fosters the cognitive aspects of a person thereby increasing the leadership skills.

Based on my reflection on leadership, I am firmly attached to effective communication as the critical supervisory quality (Mumford et al., 2007). Communication skills whether verbal or written are the core competencies expected for any successful supervisory activities within the workplace. As the team leader, I invest in constant communication with the junior employees in a bid to pass and receive information about the assignment. On the other hand, my individual preference is the "Charismatic leadership and Transformational" and the most likely choice for me to use when in a guidance role. The marketing assignment I oversee has been trailing I success for quite a while since there is contact between the agent in the field and the supervisor hence attaining maximum sales (Mumford et al., 2007).

On the other hand, the supervisory techniques pegged on the textbook approach are `destined to flop as the method is quite unrealistic from the real-life situation (Mumford et al., 2007). Tentatively, the textbook technique relies more on the written guidelines rendering the entire supervisory activities delicate rendering the whole process unsuccessful. I had considered employing this approach, but it failed because it requires a more exclusive design needed to execute this supervisory technique.

In summation, effective leadership relies entirely on adopting and putting in place the practical supervisory techniques such as constant communication and conflict resolution techniques. Consequently, as witnessed in the movie, Maximus by embracing successful supervisory approaches, he efficiently organizes his army hence organizing a successful revenge attack on the enemies.


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