Essay Example on July Delphy

Published: 2023-03-07
Essay Example on July Delphy
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July Delpy is a French-American actress, a screenwriter, singer-songwriter and film director. Delphy studied film making in Tisch School of the Arts which is in New York. She has taken part in more than twenty-seven movies in terms of directing, writing or even acting. The videos among which Delphy has made part in include Europa Europa 1990, Three Colours: White 1993 and 2 Days in Paris 2007 (Vanderschelden 243). July Delphy has been nominated for several awards in her career.These three include Cesar Awards, two Online Film Critics Awards and also two Academy Awards.

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July Delphy was born in Paris, the capital city of France. She was the only daughter and child to Albert Delphy, who was an actor and a theatre director and Maria Pillet, a French actor too. Hence, the first tie of Delphy to French is the having been brought up by French parents. Having spent some of her young age, she was first exposed to the French environment since it was the first environment she grew up in as a child. This would so much strengthen her ties to France.

Delphy, having been brought up by parents who were actors and whose acting was majorly based on the French traditions, was exposed to the French arts at a very tender age. It is a fact that she would, later on, appreciate a lot and is even quoted saying that she would not hope for better parents. Through this Delphy would be so attached to France, and this would remain with her for the rest of her life despite her migrating to America.

July Delphy moved to America in the year 1990. She first moved to Los Angeles then a few years later she moved to New York City. Delphy became a neutralized American citizen in 2001, but notably, she retained her French citizenship (Vanderschelden 252). She did not revoke it. Delphy has to divide her time between Paris, her birthplace, and New York, which is her city of residence. This further elaborates her American ties to France.

Even after moving to America, July Delphy went ahead and acted in films that had French connotations in them. She would feature in movies that were inspired by French experiences. For example, in the year 2002 Delphy starred in a film "2 Days in Paris", which even her biological mother featured in , was inspired by the signing of the 1971 manifesto which advocated for reproductive rights and was actually signed by women who had confessed to have had abortions, something that was illegal in France (Vanderschelden 254) . Here we see how her American ties to France would still have and influence on her.

As a movie director, Delphy directed several movies which featured the French language in them.This was even though some of these films she led while she was still in America. One of the films with the French language featuring and that was directed by July Delphy was "Lolo". This was the second movie she directed that featured the French language the first being "2 Days in Paris". This shows the ties to the French that Delphy had while she was still in America.

Most of the movies that July Delphy did have in any way participated in were released in France as much as they were released in America too. She would not forget to include her country of birth in the release of her films as she still had ties to it. For example, the movie "2 Days in Paris" received a more theatrical release in France while more than it did in America. In summary, it is clear that July Delphy still had a lot of links to France despite her being in America

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