The Poem of Imru Ul Qais, Free Essay in Literature

Published: 2022-04-25
The Poem of Imru Ul Qais, Free Essay in Literature
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The poem of Imru Ul Qais is the first poem in the seven hung poems in the cave of Mecca. The poem was written in qasida form, and it was composed during the sixth century. It is a literary masterpiece and is one of the seven of his works that survived. It is arguably one of the most influential poems in Arabic literature, and it has been praised for its content that includes major fascinations as well as its aesthetic qualities and use of imagery (Horne,22).It is therefore important to use an expressive form of explanation of the poem, as this will give a clear indication of the relation of the poem to the emotions of the speaker. The poem scenario is at the ruined house of the speaker's friends as well as his mistress, and it describes the plight that is faced especially with separation from friends. The poem manages to portray adventures of love as well as the description faced by the horse he uses and the chase.

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The poem also manages to describe a particularly rainy night of importance. It is at this moment that the poem concludes and leaves the reader in awe. One significant aspect of the poem is the rising sentiments as well as the ideologies that are portrayed in the poem. The language that is used in the poem is that of a prince, and there are tales of gallantry in the love that is shown to be unique than any ordinary love (Horne,22).The courting process that is avidly described in the poem is that which asserts devotion as well as the privilege of the prince that ensures command at his own will. It is clear that the prince assets his right in all that he does and he do not understand humiliation due to his royalties. The prince gives the woman of his life all the attention that he believes that she deserves and at the same time, he looks likely to withdraw his love if he feels that his love is not returned. The prince has a character that is pleasant and has manners which ensure that he wins over the love of all women.

The woman that he loves is one of high rank, and she uses expensive perfume and decor. The trusted horse of the prince is one that is of the noblest breed. One realizes the nobility of the king as well as his desire to remain in his gentle nature (Blunt 17). One can recognize the connection that the poet has to his beloved especially because he carefully details the feelings that he has for his precious people "Stop, oh my friends, let us pause to weep over the remembrance of my beloved. Here was her abode on the edge of the sandy desert between Dakhool and Howman".The poet can give a vivid picture of all that he encounters including the desolation and the hopelessness that he sees on his path. One can also realize the intense emotions and the feelings of sadness that are witnessed by the speaker.

Through this, one realizes the significance of all that he has seen as well as how this has affected him. The speaker also gives a clear description of the two that he also mourned before he met Unaizah, and one realizes that the speaker has a sense of loss. The speaker recollects the days that he has spent well as those that he feels that he has wasted (Blunt 19). The speaker gives a personal view of all that he sees along the path and one realizes the significance that all this has in his life. Through his worlds, one realizes the feelings that he has for the woman in his life as well as the desire that he has willed to make her his "Has anything deceived you about me. That your love is killing me, and that verily as often as you order my heart, it will do what you order?" The speaker incorporates the use of imagery as he manages to give a vivid explanation of various concepts and at the same time reveals how this appeals to his imagination "In complexion, she is like the first egg of the ostrich-white, mixed with yellow. Pure water, unsullied by the descent of many people in it, has nourished her."

Another important aspect that the author incorporates well is the use of comparison especially when he compares the object of his desire to show the neck of a white deer. "And she shows a neck like the neck of a whole deer; it is neither disproportionate when she raises it, nor unornamented." The speaker further gives a vivid description of the physical features of the woman that he desires, and this reveals the level of desire that he has for her. The speaker mentions the fact that she has a slender waist and the twisted leather nose of a camel (Blunt 19).The speaker further describes the behavior of the woman especially when she goes to sleep and when she wakes up in the morning. Another important aspect that the reader can notice is his attention to detail in the explanation of the bodily features of the woman. The romantic connection that the speaker feels for the object of his desire is easy to see, and the intimacy that he wishes to feel with her is evident. "Then I said to the night, as slowly his huge bulk passed over me, as his breast, his loins, his buttocks weighed on me and then passed afar."

One can realize from this description the passionate feelings and the romantic connection that the speaker desires to attain with the woman that he desires. Another important aspect of the poem is the connection that the speaker has with his trusted and noble horse. The speaker describes the speed as well as strength and the reliability of the horse in a way that captivates and fascinates the speaker "Early in the morning, while the birds were still nesting, I mounted my steed. Well-bred was he, long-bodied, outstripping the wild beasts in speed. Swift to attack, to flee, to turn, yet firm as a rock swept down by the torrent, Bay colored, and so smooth the saddle slips from him, as the run from a smooth stone." From this description, the speaker has managed to describe the superior qualities of his trusted horse in a way that captures the attention of the audience. The use of imagery has been used well to describe the speed and strength of the horse in full flight "Thin but full of life; fire boils within him like the snorting of a boiling kettle; He continues at full gallop when other horses are dragging their feet in the dust for weariness." The emotive aspect of the connection that the speaker has for his horse is clear to see now, and one realizes the secure bond between the rider and his horse.

At his arrival after the long and treacherous journey, the speaker again describes in detail the scenario that he saw. The speaker successfully invokes an emotive element through this and gives clear details concerning what he sees on his journeys (Albery 9).The speaker manages to reveal the sight of desolation and destruction as well as hopelessness that he encounters on his arrival. "In the gardens of Taimaa, not a date-tree was left standing, nor a building, except those strengthened with heavy stones. The clouds poured forth their gift on the desert of Thabeet, till it blossomed. As though a Yemeni merchant were spreading out all the rich clothes from his trunks." The poem reveals the personal journey faced by the speaker as well as his hopes of conquest in his search for love. The speaker also shows a sense of determination as well as willingness to succeed in his conquest for love.

The speaker as a beautiful woman who also reveals confidence and self-belief describes the object of his desire Unaizah. At the same time, she understands the nobility of the prince and knows that he is her primary suitor (Albery 9).The prince reveals that he has at many times visited many pretty women like Unaizah. He has yet to encounter one who has won over his heart like her "Many a beautiful woman like you, Oh Unaizah, have I visited at night; I have won her thought to form me, even from her children have I won her." It reveals the fact that he is attracted to her and realizes that he is spellbound by her desire. One can also realize through this emotional expression that the speaker realizes that he has a weakness for this woman and she may have some controlling power over him. The argument is also further strengthened by the fact that she is not easily giving into him. At some time, she appears to scoff at him and mock him for his antics as he tries to win over her affection. "There was another time that I walked with her beyond the sand hills, but she put aside her entities and swore an oath of virginity. "It reveals the struggle that the prince faces to woo the object of his desire to understand the affections that he has for her.

The poem leaves a lot to the imagination of the reader, mainly because the prince is willing to sacrifice his nobility to fight for the object of desire (Albery 17). One realizes the tribulations that he has encountered in his past as well as how these haunt his conscience. The prince has a noble but humble nature, and this can be seen through the gentle affections that he shows for the object of his desire. Furthermore, one can also realize the extent of love and dedication that the prince has for the woman through the vivid descriptions that he has for her. The use of symbolism, as well as imagery, also boost his ability to describe the object of his desire accurately, and this fascinates the reader even more especially concerning how the prince will manage to conquer the heart of his love and at the same time maintain his respect as a noble prince.

The Poem:

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