Essay Example on Homeland Security: Comprehending Terrorism

Published: 2023-01-05
Essay Example on Homeland Security: Comprehending Terrorism
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There are various behavior and tactics that are used by terrorists in carrying out their terrorist attacks these includes assault which is physically attacking the targeted group of individuals, arson which setting the targeted property on fire, bombing, hijacking ,kidnapping ,murdering ,causing disruption to services in their target regions and countries also taking hostage the people and the area which they are targeting to destroy (Dolnik, 2007). Other tactics which are used by the terrorists include beheading the targeted people; this is primarily done to celebrities, political leaders, and other opposing terrorists (Chan, Han, & Park, 2009). Similarly, terrorist attacks are conducted through assassinations, where certain leaders who are officials are targeted who are representatives of different offices in the country. The terrorists are well trained, have no concern about morality, and when caught, they do not bargain.

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There have been several forms of terrorism in the world since the time of the anarchist group of terrorism that was started in Russia in 1880 till today. The terrorist attacks that are occurring are majorly for the interest of individuals, especially those in leadership and those in opposition (Laqueur, 2017). Over the past decades, there has been on the increase in terrorist attacks across the world, despite in certain regions, the cases are minimal. The current terrorist attacks target particular states, countries, and area that have no stability.

There are different points where an individual can become a terrorist, for instance, when a person has been under a long period of suffering and injustice and decides to seek for change and justice. A person can choose to join terrorists to revenge back and get change (Silke, 2003). Also, if a person is unemployed and lives in poverty can become a terrorist to earn a living and lead a better life. Similarly, is the company, a person, is in comprises of terrorists the company can influence one to become a terrorist.

"Sanctify the LORD of Hosts Himself, and let Him be your Fear, and let Him be your Dread."(Isaiah 8:13).


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