Essay Example on Employee-Monitoring Software

Published: 2023-01-23
Essay Example on Employee-Monitoring Software
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Percentage of Half-time Telecommuters

The statistics published in the indicates that 2.8%, which represents 3.7 million workers were half-time telecommuters as of January 2016. However, the figure has increased significantly since 2005. The percentage of non-self-employed telecommuters, in particular, has risen by 103% since 2005. Their proportion also increased by 1.9% from 2013 to 2014.

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Methods for Monitoring Employees

There are several methods that employers can use to monitor their workers. The first technique is the use of InterGuard, computer software that allows employers to check the activities of telecommuters. The second method is the use of shared calendars, where the employer holds schedule meetings to track and monitor the projects assigned to telecommuters. The other approaches are direct calls, video chat, instant messaging, and contacting telecommuters via email.

Employee-Monitoring Software

InterGuard or Awareness Technology is an example of a software tool that employers in the present-day world use to monitor their employees. The software has revolutionized telecommuting since it enables employers to track telecommuters. As such, employers can ascertain whether employees are slacking off or working on accomplishing their duties. Lack of capable software to track, control, and monitor employees, however, has been a primary problem in coordinating individuals working from their homes. The situation has changed after the introduction of InterGuard, a computer monitoring software. The tool is beneficial since it makes telecommuting more productive.

Jobs Compatible with Telecommuting

The report published in the case study shows that 50% of the workforce in the United States have jobs that facilitate telecommuting arrangements. The arrangement is relatively effective since it enables the commuters to save up to 260- hours. Moreover, the statistics in shows that passengers have low turnover since they are less likely to quit their jobs.

Business Applications of Google Maps' Street View

This technology play critical roles in the present-day business world. It provides a 360-degree street view imagery that enables the users to locate specific businesses. This aspect implies that it is beneficial in creating business connections and increasing access to the target audience. Also, business owners can use the platform to direct potential customers to their premises since it provides a quality 360-degree street-level overview of homes, places of commercial activities, and other scenery.

Privacy and Legal Issues Underlying Google Maps' Street View

The technology has exposed other peoples' homes and businesses and thus raising privacy concerns. Also, the platform has been collecting private data from the users unknowingly. Some of the components that have raised privacy concerns are the collection of email addresses, information about people with medical conditions, a list of web pages, and video files. Google Maps' Street View also creates legal issues since there are concerns that it directed some people to wrong directions. In the case study, for instance, a woman says that many people have been visiting her premises because of the incorrect routes in the technology.

Google Books, its Legal Issues and Copy Right Protection

Google Books is an online service by Google Incorporation, which enables users to search and access to reading materials. In this regard, the users can search reading materials by their keywords, or authors and access them from Google databases. While Google Books service is beneficial to many people, it creates copyright protection and legal issues. The reason is that it directs the users to an online catalog whenever they search full texts of books. Also, many people have argued that it violates copyright protections because of its attempt to direct users to books in vast databases and multiple online catalogs.

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