Free Paper with Nursing Care Case Studies

Published: 2022-09-23
Free Paper with Nursing Care Case Studies
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Case Study One

Question One: "List The Steps You Would Take to Ensure Your Patient's Needs Could Be Met."

At first, I would familiarize myself with all the patient`s file to familiarize myself with the cases. In instances that they would require additional assistance like translation, I would seek support from someone who understands them. Furthermore, I would show some empathy while dealing with the clients. Furthermore, I would seek clarifications about their conditions not make assumptions about their state.

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Question Two: "Describe How You Would Feel If You Were Margaret"

In Margaret`s place, I would be extremely frustrated since the health worker did not seem to understand or care for my needs. Also, since the nurse did not ask for permission before going through my bag, I would be furious due to the violation of privacy.

Question Three: "What Supports Are In Place For Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Patients At Your Local Hospital?"

The hospital has a designated official who deals with Aboriginal matters like translations and making them feel comfortable. The staff also presents their cases to the social worker. Also, their bills are subsidized.

Question Four: "How Can You Promote Culturally Safe Services and Programs To Enhance Participation?"

I would express interest and learn the ways of the people for different communities that are served at the hospital. That way, I would appreciate their culture and avoid violations. This would develop trust with the persons. For special groups like the Aboriginal, I would always involve their representative in hospital matters. During admission, I would record as many details as possible for reference.

Question Five: "Outline Strategies That May Encourage Self-Determination and Community Control of the Services and Programs Available"

In the designing, implementation, and management of the programs, the community should be involved. This creates ownership and encourages sustainability of services. Moreover, the programs could employ local people. This enhances trust between the staff and the community.

Question Six: "How Can All the Elements Discussed In This Question Be Evaluated"

The hospital could implement feedback forms for clients` opinions. Furthermore, a checklist could be introduced for nurses to fill as having read all the clients files. That way, staff will be prompted to familiarize themselves with the client's cases before every shift and to avoid assumptions.

Case Study Two

Question One: "What Assumptions Did You Make About May Prior To Seeing Her Identification?"

My assumption was that May was a very friendly person since she engaged many patients at the ward. I also thought that May was just at the hospital to take care of the grandmother hence she should have been there only at visiting hours. I presumed that there was need of establishing rapport with May. We would have gotten to know each other better if this had happened. I concluded that May was snooping around and that she wanted to report something to the social worker on behalf of her friends.

Question Two: "What Are Your Actions Immediately Following This Incident?"

I apologized to the liaison officer for making assumptions before having all the details about her. I tried to establish a relationship with May to avoid any misunderstanding in the future. Furthermore, I talked to the patients to find out if they had problems that needed tackling. It would have been unprofessional to have issues being reported by May yet I was in charge of the ward at the time.

Question Three

"How could you engage with May to promote a more culturally safe workplace for her?" Since May knows the ways of the people of the Aboriginal, I would endeavor to learn from her. I would also inquire if there were any additional measures that I needed to undertake so as to enhance a safe workplace culturally.

"List some things you could do to develop a good interpersonal working relationship."

  • Respect each member of staff
  • Always make clarification and support to avoid misunderstanding
  • Apologize when on the wrong and own my mistakes
  • Evaluate matters before reacting
  • Learn how to communicate with colleagues
  • Act with integrity at all times

Question Four: "Think About the Places You Have Completed Your Semester 1 Vocational Placement In and Evaluate the Extent of How Cultural Safety Is Integrated Into That Workplace"

The hospital has a diversity and inclusion policy that enhances people`s individualism at the workplace. In addition, the facility does not discriminate in hiring. The hospital`s client profile form is detailed to guide staff in understanding the client's cultural backgrounds. One of the values of the institution is respect, which includes appreciating each other's backgrounds.

Case Study Three

Question One: "List Any Potential Cultural Reasons for May's And the Patient's Reactions."

The potential reason that would have made May`s react strangely to the patients could be because he was male. There is a chance that the females and males were not allowed to mingle in the Aboriginal community. On the other hand, the patients could have been an elderly male thus May was not culturally deserving to face him.

Question Two: "Describe How You Would Approach May and the Patient to Apologize, And What You Would Say To Them Both That Will Bring Healing To the Situation"

First I would try to understand the reasons for their reaction. Further, I would apologize to the patient and explain that May meant no harm and was there in the capacity of a staff in charge of assisting the Aboriginal people. To May, I would try to make her understand that my actions were not intentional and in her capacity, she represented both the male and female patients from the community.

Question Three: "What Strategies Could You Now Put Into Place For Promoting Cultural Safety For Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Patients At Your Workplace And Their Communities?"

I would recommend for training to all staff on essential information about Aboriginal people. Also, I would request for a male liaison officer to deal with men.

Question Four: "How Can You Involve Margaret and May In the Planning and Delivery of Services and Programs When She Is Discharged"

Margaret and May would be requested to provide the hospital management with necessary information on the Aboriginal people. This would be a base for development of new programs and improving on existing ones, to be more culturally sensitive.

Question Five: "Reflecting On How These 3 Case Studies Have Affected Margaret, How Would You Prevent This From Happening To Someone Else?"

To avoid a repeat of the occurrence, we would adhere to proper handover process. The outgoing nurse should brief the reporting staff about all patients and their special needs. Also, I will be proactive in reading patients notes to know them better. I will endeavor to understand clients and treat them with respect and empathy.

Question Six: "As Part of the Discharge Process, Margaret Is To Attend an Outpatient's Rehabilitation Program at Her Local Community Health Centre. Discuss the Following Points"

"How can you as a nurse promote this program to Margaret and May?" I would provide them with details of the program and emphasize its importance to them.

"Who would you involve to ensure that Margaret participates?" I would engage May since she has a good relationship with Margaret and understands the importance of the program

"How can you assess if Margaret has the confidence to participate in this community program when she is discharged." I could interview her to test her knowledge and understanding of the importance of the program. If not confident, I would reemphasize on its essence.

"What follow up strategies can you put into place to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program?" I would recommend a monthly visit to the hospital for monitoring of Margaret`s status. This is to avoid a relapse because of improper care.

"Margaret has missed a few days of her rehabilitation, who would you communicate within the healthcare setting and Aboriginal Islander people to revise strategies to ensure that Margaret completes her rehabilitation." I would recommend to the doctor to liaise with May in ensuring that Margaret continues with her therapy.

"How can you promote culturally safe services and programs to enhance participation?" I would involve a member of the community in revising the services and programs since they have inside knowledge of specific cultural expectations for their people.

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