Essay Example on Effects of Social Media on Real Life Communication

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example on Effects of Social Media on Real Life Communication
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Currently, many people will oppose that social media has become the new method of verbal communication. Although it is more rapid, it is regularly misunderstood; what existed as spoken dialog has now taken the form of a messy game of cellphone, by hiding behind the keyboard. The way people use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to present them is the leading aspect of miscommunication and false self-expose. The interaction with family members and friends has dramatically changed, and through social media, one can update the events in their life by posting photos and statuses daily, which creates a more relaxed way of connection. The paper shall discuss the effects that have been brought by social media on the real life communication of humans.

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The use of social media is tied to various positive effects as it eases communication between people from different places. Today, people feel closer to their friends and family since the use of social media platforms connects people from a far distance. It also connects people with similar interests in the community. Moreover, it serves as a way of putting out concerns and suggestions which is very useful since a person gets the possibility of reaching many people who are ready to offer help in the time of need (Noor and John, 307). Therefore, the previous phobia of disclosing one's feelings have been cut out, and people are receiving moral help, for instance, in a situation that can lead to depression. Therefore, the correct use of social media communication promises a variety of positive effects since it helps one to share or research on matters that would have been difficult to communicate verbally. Therefore it is a suitable replacement of face-to-face communication since people are failing to express their feelings by socializing in person.

According to a study done by Konign's, the use of social media has resulted in the sharing of impersonal messages due to lack of tonal and facial expressions. Therefore, social media affects the ability of a person to communicate in the required way of communication that comprises use of body signals, and tone. The use of body language tells a lot about people's feelings, intentions, and even their attitude. More so, non-verbal cues relate to the perception of others and narrate the feedback. Effective communication also demands proper listening skills, which have been forgone by the use of social media. Real communication requires the appropriate use of communication skills and not just sitting on a sofa and typing on gadgets; it can only take place by appearing in person and actively communicating with each other.

People are spending more time on social media platforms than they spend socializing with others. For instance, Facebook, one of the widely used social media platforms in the world, has developed group sites where individuals with the same interests interact and share information. People share a lot of messages, jokes; others floss their success through social media, this makes one spend most of their free time following posts, reading jokes, and communicating with online friends who have reduced the time used for physical socialization (Mazer, 220). Therefore, social media acts as a replacement for vital verbal communication, which has dramatically affected communication in the real world.


In conclusion, social media is the new way of communication in the 21st century. It plays a crucial role in connecting people from far distances as well as providing platforms for sharing messages that would be difficult to share in person, and also acts as a form of entertainment. However, its effects on real-life communication are indicated by the neglect of non-verbal cues, tone expression, and listening skills, which make real-life communication. Therefore, social media seem to be a perfect replacement for face-to-face communication in the current digital generation.

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