1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Free Essay on Horror Movies

Published: 2018-10-17
1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Free Essay on Horror Movies
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Horror movies as an ability to connect and intertwine the real and the unreal

Horror movies have remained one of the favorite genres due to their ability to connect and intertwine the real and the unreal. The cultural basis of these movies also is broad and supported by the subtexts (King 198). In most cases during the olden days, the fears depicted within these movies are sociopolitical in nature. In the 1940s, the body snatchers became one of the best horror movies of the time through going an extra mile through the breaking of the taboos which were associated with the horror movies of that era. Most of the horror movies derive their effects from the people's fear of death. Such horror movies from the past include the Abominable Dr. Phibes and the Horrors of the Black Museum. In other films, their horrific parts come from death and the significant effects that follow it such as decomposition of the body matter.

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In the 1978 version of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, there are not many scenarios that are physically horrible. In many horror movies, there is the expectation of finding evil reigning within the movie which is not very prevalent in this movie. There is a symbolic element in the invasion of body snatchers which suggests that the terminals of fear "are so deeply buried and yet so vital that we may tap them like artesian wells- saying one thing out loud while we express something else in a whisper" (King 200). The real macabre exist when the creator of the horror movie can bring together the conscious and the sub-conscious into a united impression. The Invasion of the Human Snatchers is one such movie that was able to put out this reconciliation between the two elements.

In a press interview by Kaminsky, Sigel clarifies the surrounding opinion that his assistant, Sam Peckinpah, had written part of the script for the movie. Sigel says that Sam was his assistant who even got a role in the film but did not write any part of the script. According to the movie director, he was the epilog and prolog of the movie which showcased the star, McCarthy, getting the doctor to believe him at the end of the scene. Despite his efforts to scrap off that part, they still went ahead and shot the movie. Siegel goes ahead and indicates what he felt was repulsive about the movie's prolog and catalog he claims that the setting means that something unusual is ongoing from the start. He further states that if the plot had followed his directives, the events would unfold to the amazement of the spectators. He says, "I wanted to end it with McCarthy turning on the camera and shouting you're next!' Then the lights go up" (Kaminsky 153).

Invasion of the body snatchers

The film did not have many effects since they would not have much impact on it as the director indicated. Many of the horror movies invested heavily on special effects but ended up producing poor quality pictures at the end. Siegel claims that the movie was something rare during that time. As per the director, the pods in the film are a representation of the people in the world. Being a pod means that an individual lacks passion, has minimal anger issues, and no longer has the needed spark. Therefore, the choice of a psychiatrist being a representative of the pods was a good option. In the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the pods do not pose any physical threat, but rather the threat within the film is depicted from sleep. In this case, Sigel says that after one falls asleep, they allow the pod influence to take control of them (Kaminsky 155).

Many classic movies of the period between 1940 and 1970 have a not been reviewed. The invasion of the body snatchers also has yet to receive enough reviews. Major print press houses have not examined the movie. The failure by these magazines to discuss the movie stems from three factors. The first factor is that the film does not have too much of the science fiction. Many reviews have been done regarding movies with a strong scientific fiction base. However, sidelining others that lack too much fiction is not worth. In fact, some of these movies exhibit some other lively themes that are fit for reviews. The other critique is the overexploitation of pictures within these movies. Finally, the movies had an off-handed distribution chain which did not favor reviews from various press houses.

The 1978 invasion of the body snatchers was a remake of the 1956 body snatchers movie. The 1978 version was an enhanced form of the previous movie. It showcased the source of smile within a movie that was perceived to be horrific. Parts of the movie plots were based on the cold war which had subsided in the late 1970s. Despite the movies' glamorous appraisal by the people, it did not manage to scoop a warrant with the New York Times for a review. Afterward, the Kaufman remake was released and hailed by the press house. This reaction was ironic seeing that the invasion of the body snatchers received better reviews from the public than the latter. The Kaufman remake also received an American classic of the year award.

The Ferrara's body snatcher movie

The movie, invasion of the body snatchers was also hard to follow due to the strange scientific perceptions. These perceptions result in what is referred as the copgras syndrome. The views within this condition are that close relatives in the movie have been replaced by some evil twins (Hoberman 142). The Ferrara's body snatcher movie depicts a great setting which does not support the role of children. However, in Siegel's Invasion of the body snatcher, the plot has focused on the mature relationship between heterosexuals. Also, the initial body snatchers provide a clear vision of the national state of security. Additionally, it covers the mental image of the American Society (Hoberman 144).

In conclusion, the 1978 invasion of the body snatchers has been placed in the B-class of the action classics. The movie director, Siegel, articulates individuality that he is indeed proud of his work (LaValley 9). In an interview with Kaminsky, when the interviewer says that no hope can be derived from his film, he responds, "People without vegetables are becoming vegetables. I don't know what the answer is except an awareness of it. That's what makes a picture like the invasion of body snatchers important" (Kaminsky 157). It is evident from the movie review that the 1978 movie on the invasion of the body snatchers is a classic that forms a basis from which the current horror movies emerged.

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