Free Essay on the Primary Causes of the American Revolution

Published: 2022-02-24
Free Essay on the Primary Causes of the American Revolution
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The American Revolution referred to a political revolt by the nationals of the thirteen American colonies who desired independence from Britain and rejected the British Authority. The Revolution occurred between 1765 and 1783 and culminated in the American Revolutionary War, which led to other European countries to be participants in the same pre-independent struggle (Scott et al., n.p). The paper is, therefore, premised on a discussion of some of the major causes of the American Revolution.

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The first cause was the resentment of the colonists. They resented the way the British ruled the American colonies. The taxes from the British parliament were unfairly imposed and geared towards paying off Britain's war debt than investing locally. Hence, the protest kept advancing until after the Boston Tea party in 1773, where the rebels destroyed the shipments of the tea, making the British parliament respond through coercive acts (Scott et al., n.p). In return, the colonies united and formed a congress to demand independence from Britain.

Nevertheless, the colonists were irritated. In Pennsylvania, lawyer and legislator John Dickson wrote essays in 1767 and 1768, which were widely reprinted and exerted a great influence in forming a united colonial opposition. Dickson accepted that the parliament had a supreme power where the whole empire was concerned while denying that it had power over internal colonial affairs. He further asserted that the basis of colonial loyalty was vested in its utility among equals than in obedience owed to a superior. The constitutional difference with Britain as few colonists envisaged independence at the early stages. The colonial struggle for power was not an attempt to change government structure but an argument over legal interpretation. The core of the colonial cause was that, as British subjects, they were entitled to the same privileges as their fellow-subjects in Britain. They could not constitutionally be taxed without their consent; and, because they were left out in the Parliament that voted the taxes, they had not given this consent (Scott et al., n.p).

The French Indian War that occurred between the American colonies and New France was also another cause of the American Revolution. Ach of the warring function had made allis with different Native American tribes during the war period from 1754 to 1763. British soldiers helped the colonists to fight the war. These troops were not free, and Britain needed money to pay for the troops. The situation prompted the British Parliament to tax the colonies, which are deemed American to help pay for the troops. The taxation policy and the increased law framework did not go well with most of the colonies, an issue which prompted their formation of a more unified body against the British.

In summary, many factors played out in the American Revolution. However, there were certain major causes - for example, the resentment of the colonists. Their concern was drawn by how the British extended their iron rule to the American colonies. The other issue which has also been extensively discussed is based on the irritation of the colonists. The point has been barked certain specific events like the 1767 and 1768 essays, to mention but a few. The French Indian War, which took place between New France and the American colonies, has also been discussed extensively to build on the case as noted herein.

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