Free Essay Sample on Chinese Feminism

Published: 2022-06-15
Free Essay Sample on Chinese Feminism
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Define Nanu and Shengji as illuminated by He-Yin Zhen

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The term Nanu arose when He-Yin Zhen established a question regarding women's liberation. She raised the main query in radical and socialists feminisms; asking an explanation as to why extreme discrepancy developed when men began handling women as a private object. In the process of providing the answer, He-Yin Zhen tried to move away to Nannu, which she refers to it as annoying sex gap between men and women by referencing to matters regarding sexuality. She supports the claim that sexuality is supposed to be even in all humans. However, women have been secluded to in point of emerging of hyper-sexualisation and as a result, to sexual misconduct in women. Moreover, she claims Nannu is responsible for " the prohibition of sexual misbehaviour.... that supported sexual transgression in practice'' (57).

In the process of fighting against Nannu (irritating sex gap) it led to the establishment of the concept of Shengji Wenti that rotates around natural justice for both men and women. He-Yin Zhen urges in Feudal era, and still, under modern capitalist world, women are treated as subhuman and object that is denied a human right, hence, causing social injustices. She condemns the corrupted society has placed women to be prisoners and slaves, which is inhuman (118). He-Yin Zhen asserts that uneven dispersal of wealth is responsible for the denial of the natural right of the live hood (shengji Wenti). The Shengji Wenti, the question of livelihood, explains how social injustices has reduced women prostitute, slaves, and, concubines (82). She suggests that for women to attain a desirable Shengji, women need to overthrow capitalism and destroy the affluent, especially the rich men.

How personal are your troubles, or are they connected with public issues?

The environment in which one is offered when growing up significantly shapes one's socio-emotional health and determines the level of prosperity one achieves in life. The field of psychological development, from past, have pinpointed the importance of discrepancy level of environmental impact on racial, gender and economic advancement. Different conditions create a different experience for an individual involved. Rawlings (2) suggests that dominant usual social-cultural context, that influences how they viewed and treated as a group, institutions, and structure, that offer their chances set, the family background, which confers stability and overall wellness, and community conditions, are the primary prominent affecting gender, racial and economic system. Therefore, these aspects act as the standard of nurturing and determine kinds of challenges one faces in life.

For instance, I was born and brought up from a low- income family and one of community, which believed that girls are not supposed to be educated. However, my family out of the few other families believed in the teaching of a girl child. They took to school, but, my entire school life was challenged with culture barrier and lack of economic opportunity. From my earliest years, I have been continuously facing negative narratives and imagery that revolve around girl child. Not only the men but also female back in my village members view as an outcast, who has turned against the 'real definition and position of women in my community. Consequently, I have been secluded to an extent I of prohibited from attending social functions in many communities. Rodrigues, Padez, and Machado-Rodrigue (567) claim that millions of girls, especially in Africa, are not in school, and those who have access that opportunity is fighting hard with socio-cultural challenges, majors being gender norms and poverty. However, these challenges are frequently tamed as solely individually driven or culture of poverty, instead of being perceived as a reflection of a broader societal and continuous problem.

My problem is a clear illustration of the issues women have been facing and that challenged early feminists who were struggling to stop it since the end of the World War 11. From the end of World War11, several feminist movements were established and have continuously been in the fight to break the glass ceiling effect that is curbing women pursuing the high ranked positions in the job market, and, sexual abuse at the workplace.

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