Essay Example about Male-Dominated Occupations

Published: 2022-03-09
Essay Example about Male-Dominated Occupations
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Description and justification of the proposed project

My project is about occupations that are male-dominated and stereotyped that they cannot be done by women. The research will evaluate the various factors why females choose or find themselves in stereotypically male-dominated occupations such as financial advisors. It is also geared towards investigating female experiences that might facilitate strategies inclined towards their motivation and retention in male-dominant professions. Besides, it will look at how women perceive their work environment, and will only take into consideration women's perspective, hence why no males will be interviewed. It will also nuance a clear picture of why females chose this occupation, what obstacles they face among others. The research will, therefore, shade a clear view of the careers that are male-dominated and seek to find the challenges that female occupants go through. Participants will be chosen through the random section in the financial advisor industry. It is therefore paramount to note that the methods used will be both primary and secondary.

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Ethical issues

The participants will be selected through sampling where the female will be randomly sampled out from the occupations that are male-dominated. The sample will then be used to obtain the relevant information that will deem necessary for the research

The first step in ensuring free and informed consent is to notify the participant of the reasons as to why the research is being done. They should also be informed of what happens if they participate in the study and the number of people that will attend. Besides they should also be told of the risks if any and the benefits of joining and finally they should be assured of their privacy concerning the information they will be giving.

Regarding confidentiality and anonymity, the participant's information will be protected from public exposure; this is done through keeping away any identifying information from the published report. It is necessary primarily on information that may bring embarrassment to the participant. Confidentiality is achieved through the use of fake names in identifying organizations or people. Besides, the method of determining information such as addresses should not be applied. Also observing the participants in a mall or a park is healthy to maintain anonymity. Unique Codes will be used instead of names.

When conducting the research, I will inform my participants that

They have a right to be given enough time to decide on whether they will participate or not.

To refuse participation in the survey

To be told about the benefits of participating

To be informed of the risks if any.

To be informed of what the study will be.

To be given a copy consent from fro signing

Finally, they have a right to ask any questions they feel are necessary.


Why did you choose this occupation?

What obstacles do you face?

Were you aware of the stereotype before you choose the career?

What is your experience working in this industry?

Do you believe in the stereotype that this job is meant for men?

Do men overlook you in the industry?

What do you think can be done to do away with the stereotyping?

Do you experience any pay gap between the male and you?

What does the future look for you concerning this male-dominated career?

Do you think you need to sensitize more women to join this career?

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