Free Essay Example: Environmental Responsibility Survey

Published: 2017-08-13
Free Essay Example: Environmental Responsibility Survey
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To get a real response from people on how they behave towards the environment, I conducted a survey online through Survey Monkey platform. The survey consisted of twenty-one questions of which most had multiple answers to choose from. To ensure that I got all the responses without having to constrain the participants to pick from the multiple answers, I also gave space for open-ended answers. I posted my survey link to several social media platforms. Most of these platforms. These platforms included WhatsApp and Facebook among others. This ensured that the participants would be as random as possible and from all the parts of the country. A varying number of participants took my survey questions. I, therefore, believe that my survey gives a real grassroots situation on how responsible people are towards the environment in the country. The results I got from the survey were rather intriguing.

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Most people care about their environment and would do anything to conserve it. For example, I found out that 66% of the respondents believed that the earth environmental state is extremely important to them. Less than 4% of the participants reported no having any interest in the world environment. Most of the participants said they would always recycle to protect the environment even though it's costly to recycle. This shows that a majority of the respondents would do anything to conserve the environment. Most people are not happy about the Michigans environmental state out of the 60 participants who took this question. A greater number, around 55% of the respondents were ignorant about the state of their environment. To protect the environment, it is, therefore, important that people are educated about the state of their environments.

The survey also indicated that people are aware of how the environment can impact on their daily lives. About 64% of the participants reported being knowledgeable about the quality of water they take. A greater proportion of the respondents also agreed that lakes such as Michigan Great Lakes are very vital natural resources that need protection from pollution. People would thus rather conserve the environment so as to get clean natural resources. Most of the respondents reported being extremely concerned about water pollution. Less than 1% of the respondents reported not caring at all bout water pollution. However, more than 30% of the respondents are not aware of the effects of pollution on nuclear power plants. This might be due to ignorance on the effects of nuclear pollution on the environment. People should thus be taught about the dangers of nuclear waste on the environment.

The respondents also showed varied interests on the impact of hunting game around the great lakes of Michigan. More than 51% reported not eating fish from the Michigan lakes. Thus, people are aware of the effects of pollution on fish. This pollution will affect their health indirectly hence the response. People are concerned and care for the environment according to responses from the survey. I can conclude that the majority of the population want to live in a healthier natural environment free from pollution.

The survey also showed that a majority of the respondents are willing to take part in environmental conservation through environmental agencies such as the Michigan Nature Association and the Michigan Conservation Association. An average of 58% of the respondents said that all the environmental conservation agencies in Michigan are essential and play a good role in environmental conservation. The opinion collected through the survey pointed toward the conclusion that people show considerable interest in caring for the environment irrespective of their religion or gender.

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