Boarder and Coastal Security - Essay Sample

Published: 2022-02-16
Boarder and Coastal Security - Essay Sample
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I agree with Paul's Post. It is important that for the country to treat the current immigration policy as a fundamental issue as far as national security is concerned. While some people want to focus on the alien's treatment and their conditions of stay at the United States, it is important for them to understand that the county's refugee and immigration policies are risking the safety of the Americans. It is the nation's responsibility to secure its borders by imposing immigration laws that will help to screen all the immigrants and refugees from other parts of the World especially, the immigrants coming from those countries associated with terrorism (Alden,2011) The country should aim at protecting the constitution immigration's argument from the 19th century on secluding some groups of people into the country. Some of these acts involves the Chinese Exclusion act in 1882 which blocks the ethnic Chinese laborers into the US. However these restrictions were later relieved by the 1943's Magnuson Act and the Immigration Act of 1965 hence placing the US at a greater risk of foreign influence.

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I agree with Catherina's Post, A lot of changes have occurred in the Immigration policy of the United States. Today the policy is intimately linked to the border control and national security policies which was not the case before. Some of the changes that have occurred include, the immigration reform whereby the local cops are likely to track anyone's immigration history due to some minor issues like making a wrong left turn at Atlanta (Moens, 2008). The refugee Resettlement is the other change which only allows the settlement of the refugees who are less likely to cause threats to the national security. This has helped to minimize on the number of refugees arrested and charged with terrorist plots. Despite the few policies against the Donald Trump orders to ban all Muslims immigration into the US, the move has greatly protected the country from many Terrorist attacks.

I agree with Steven. The media has played a big role in assuring the people about their security with the notion that the borders are totally closed. However, the government has enhanced strict measures on who is entering the border, what is considered legal and illegal for them. The terrorist attack in 2001 triggered the national approach to immigration hence creating more restrictions and new government bodies to control who is entering the people entering the borders (Chacon,2006). The immigrants documentation are seriously screened and their purpose in the US. With this, the people can live in peace knowing that the borders are save. Also the citizens are encouraged to help the government in the supervisions and reporting of any illegal traits from the immigrants. The U.S statutory authority have the authority to restrict and block any suspicious immigrants at the border.


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