Entrepreneurial Profile Assessment: Free Essay

Published: 2019-06-05 23:44:09
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Entrepreneurial culture is not a culture that comes easy to anyone. There are aspects that are key to building a good culture. This culture is a path taken towards achieving a solid financial and economic status for an upcoming entrepreneur. It stirs innovation and drives one towards self-actualization. Building a good culture for oneself will require that one meets certain thresholds that will serve as a driving force towards this build.

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One of the major forces that reputes one as a successful entrepreneur is good personal skills. This forms a solid ground thats enough to propel one towards the long strife towards economic independence. Through interaction and good self-conduct one is able to harness or attract ventures to himself or herself. Discipline in terms of what to spend gives an insight into savings and how much manageability the person has. Failure to have these attribute in adequacy derails progress and personal growth.

Additionally, good relationship becomes the muscle desired to make a hope from one financial position to the other. One should be able to identify a chance that blows by and be willing to try it no matter the conventions that are set to govern the chance. Sometimes, a trying something out takes you closer to its breakthrough. After all, there is no venture that becomes a success without trial; one should be bold enough to risk. After having made this step and just maybe a chance presented itself, it is important to implore ones conscience to live up to one selfs expectation and not that of others. One should also be willing to be led till when he or she is mature enough to lead others.

Most believers are poised to be passionate people. It however depends on where the beliefs are inclined towards. Trusting in ones efforts and a positive mind to successfully run and deliver a schedule is definitely a milestone. It helps one strive to maneuver all the strife that life has put in their lives. It is with this spirit that one defies all odds and creates an empire that will serve as a landmark to other entrepreneurs.

The ability to bear risks and getting into a venture with uncertain repercussions scare people away. The thought of quitting a prosperous career and using the resources on an uncertain venture makes me develop goose bumps. It is not every day that one voluntarily gives into this kind of situation but in order to make a difference we need to connect with our own belief system and passion. Being an innovative person, it is only logical that one creates career opportunities rather than be employed. Employment is mostly an enemy of entrepreneurship whilst at times its key to it.

After having opted out of employment and diverted most of your resources towards investment, it is a dire regret if there is inadequacy in business skills. One must be able to mobilize and manage his or her resources well in order to make profits and consequential growth. It is at this point that career becomes a propeller since one is exposed to most business experiences.

My evaluation score sheets brings out the worst in terms of career aspirations, business skills and also business exposure. My communication skills definitely will need revising, business exposure and skills, risk taking are all on the low end. Am completely surprised and taken aback that I do not meet the threshold discussed herein within this excerpt.

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