Career / Major Research Paper, Free Example

Published: 2022-07-14
Career / Major Research Paper, Free Example
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Different people have different goals in so far as the careers of pursuit in adulthood are concerned. It is because of the diverse characteristics and choices of people that make them suitably geared towards various professional fields. One of them is the values of the people. They choose their careers based on what they stand for as human beings. They can include the satisfaction of such values as a show of decency to society for emulation by the minors, service to humanity, a show of appreciation to different people or even the demonstration of an optimal sense of character through different career paths. Also, people choose careers according to their goals in life as well as their financial stabilities. In my case, the most suitable career major of interest in political science, which leads to a career as an environmental lawyer. It is mainly centred on the protection and conservation of nature and biodiversity against human-induced environmental pollution and the subsequent degradation (Hill, Pamela. 34). It is a career that is of great interest to me owing to a diverse set of conditions surrounding it as further expounded in the subsequent paragraphs.

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First, the environmental law career has the practitioner earning a region of $600 a month. It is way quite prestigious owing to such a fact since one will be able to service the needs of life quite comfortably. It shall thus be able to service my financial needs in different activities, such as supporting the family needs. The career is also at par with fulfilling my educational goals of being part of the environmental protection and conservation community and activists. Its practical availability as a practitioner is in plenty since the issues concerning the conservation of the environment are ever available, ranging from dealing with industrial and effluent pollution which can further lead to the destruction of ozone layer leading to global warming, and mitigation of illegal tree felling leading to deforestation. Others are the conduction of campaigns upholding the embracing of biodiversity in different environmental setups, conservation of some animal and plant species against imminent extinction as well as the promotions to boost increased plant cover through afforestation and rea afforestation. Further covered are the legal actions against partakers of environmental destruction activities such as charcoal burning, illegal logging, animal poaching, and even reckless dumping of harmful materials to the environment such as the heavy metals like lead and mercury (Usman, Adamu K. 24).

A career in environmental law relates to my values in some ways. One is the fact that I value the maintained ecosystem, striking a balance between the distribution of a variety of plant species and animals on the earth's surface. In this way, the animals will be able to access adequate and well-maintained food from plants and clean water provided in the well-protected environment against pollution and even from the extinction of some valuable plant species. Also, the value is the fact that there shall be enough food for human consumption, available from healthy plant species either grown or available in natural tendencies in the wild environments. Also, a balanced ecosystem enables efficient interdependence between the animals, including human beings, and the plant species which will then get sufficient supplies from the plants, while the plants get the necessary tendering and required supplies from the animals in an all-inclusive habitat, hence ensuring a peaceful perpetual coexistence.

Furthermore, the career leading to a practitioner as an environmental fits me because my strength lies in making straightforward, rational, and convincing arguments in pursuit of justice in given conditions. Here, I shall be able to table my pleas to the concerned authorities regarding the conservation of environment or eradication of any form of activity leading ton environmental ruin. The environmental lawyer career will also congruent the family lifestyle of being related to environmental conservation moves in the region.

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