Essay Sample about Enhancing the Quality and Credibility of Qualitative Studies

Published: 2022-09-21
Essay Sample about Enhancing the Quality and Credibility of Qualitative Studies
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For a long period of time, a qualitative inquiry has had different theoretical and philosophical orientations. The issues of credibility and quality of qualitative inquiry vary depending on the audience the purposes of the research that are intended. To enhance quality and credibility in qualitative analysis, different inquiry concerns that are related but distinct should be considered. According to Michael Quinn Patton, there are three different concerns to be put into consideration. They are methods and techniques for analyzing and collecting qualitative data, the competence, credibility and perceived trustworthiness of the researcher and the philosophical beliefs of evaluation of such inquiry. The three concerns help in enhancing the quality and credibility of qualitative studies.

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As opposed to statistical analysis, qualitative analysis is a process that is creative and that is dependent on the capability of the analyst. Issues like triangulation, reliability, and validity are given more attention to this concern. In order for the analyst to have results that can be judged as quality by others, reporting details that are sufficient for gathering and analysis of data is vital. To do this, issues on validity and reliability must be addressed. Based on triangulation, the notion advocates for the use of different techniques of data collection and analysis as a single technique cannot be sufficient and reliable (Patton, 1999). Furthermore, the explanation of negative cases, searching for rival explanations and keeping data in context also helps in enhancing the credibility and validity of qualitative data.

On the credibility of the researcher, the qualitative report ought to include his/her information on the experience and training he/she has brought to the field. There can never be enough or sufficient questions asked to validate the credibility of the researcher. However, key issues such as the training, the connection of the researcher and the study, prior knowledge and personal connections of the researcher to the study must be adequately addressed (Patton, 1999). In brief, the background characteristic of the analyst is relevant as such issues can affect the credibility and the quality of the researcher.

Finally, to enhance the credibility and the quality of the researcher, Quinn suggests that the analyst experience, training, and preparation are crucial considerations. Training researchers so that they can acquire the skills and knowledge in observation and analysis of data is very important. Additionally, careful prior preparation ought to be made before the study. This preparation should be mental, intellectual, physical and psychological (Patton, 1999). Furthermore, the experience of the analyst in observation serves a great deal in ensuring that data is credible and of great quality.

In conclusion, qualitative analysis is different from statistical analysis in many ways. Qualitative analysis depends more on the researcher's quality to conduct research. To enhance the credibility and quality of the data, the techniques used should be varied to ensure that the results obtained are reliable. On the other hand, the information of the researcher should be collected before the study. Lastly, the experience, training, and preparation of the analyst also go a long way in ensuring that the data is credible and valid.


Patton, M. (1999). Enhancing the quality and credibility of qualitative analysis. Health services research, 34(5 Pt 2), 1189-208.

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