Home Sweet Home - Free Essay on the Short Animated Film

Published: 2019-10-17
Home Sweet Home - Free Essay on the Short Animated Film
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Created by directors Alejandro Diaz, Pierre Clenet, Stephane Paccolat, and Romain Mazevet, Home Sweet Home is a short animated film about a house that uproots itself from its original suburban setting and undertakes an epic journey across America. The For Sale sign present in front of all the houses in the neighborhood shows that everyone who used to live there has moved on. The directors based their film on the housing crisis in Detroit where the number of home foreclosures in the last decades has reached alarming levels as people default on their mortgages. Through the countrywide travels in good and bad environments, the film tackles themes on friendship, and sustaining relationships in life.

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Initially, only one house that is in relatively good condition is willing to leave the suburban neighborhood to seek a better environment. However, the original house is soon joined by another old house that is emboldened by the first houses decision to leave. While the houses are reluctant friends at first, the first house soon proves her friendship by aiding the old house to get a new walking stick. Moreover, during the acquisition of the walking stick, which the blue house is assumed to have stolen from a private estate, ends with the addition of a smaller house to the travelling group. As the trio travels through America, they go through other abandoned neighborhoods but through cooperation, they manage to survive the worst weather conditions. The storyline follows the development of a friendship between the houses as might be expected in real life. However, unlike in real life where most friendships are short and usually end on bad terms, Home Sweet Home encourages people to make the most of their lives and value relationships that they develop in lifes journey rather than simply cutting off all connections with friends at their time of need. As the houses demonstrate, people should treasure their relationships as they might have gain some instrumental life lessons along the way.

The commitment to friendship is evident in the short film as the strong house is instrumental in protecting her friends from the harsh natural elements. In their travels, they encounter a hurricane that threatens to carry off the little house but the blue house stands as an anchor to the others. After the hurricane subsides, the blue house sacrifices some of her wood to warm the others. This might be translated to real life where those with strong relationships are usually sacrifice their own interests for those of others. This situation is most evident in romantic relationships where a partner may go out of their way to ensure the survival of the relationship even in tough times. Even after the end of a romantic relationship, the partners may choose to continue a strictly non-romantic friendship on social media which would help in ensuring that the connections remain.

However, just as the house moves from an abandoned suburban neighborhood, if a relationship becomes toxic to one individual it would be better to move on to find better relationship. Moving on to better relationships also has the advantage of allowing the individual to learn new lessons. If a person finds these non-toxic relationships, then they should treasure them and aim to maintain them for as long as possible. With the advances in technology, it is easier than ever to maintain contact with friends even over long distances thus facilitating long-lasting relationships.

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