Essay Sample: English Literature Lesson

Published: 2022-11-02
Essay Sample: English Literature Lesson
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The day starts off with an interesting English literature lesson. Teacher Alex walks in with a copy of Caucasian Chalk Circle, a play by Bertolt Bretch. He points out that we should take the class as a reflective one, try to compare the scenes in the play against what is happening globally. A brief moment after we start out, I learn that the play was created in a world war setting, especially World War II which took place between 1939 and 1945. Many men were enlisted to the army, left their families and went into battle. The war turned out to be very harsh and unforgiving. It battered down the soldiers involved as well as the civilians. The first scene of the play shows two groups that are claiming an abandoned land, a valley after the war. After a heated contest, the goat keepers agree to give the land to the fruit farmers. The horrific nature of wartime hits me when one of the characters started to recall the German war tankers which ran over the land and destroyed anything alive on it. The situation described in the play was no worse than the civil wars that have been ravaging in the now independent states especially in Africa. The bloody scenes and body counts after disagreements on poll results are usually disturbing. The tragedy in those warzones is that people get maimed, killed and cast out to the cold in their own country. I suddenly feel sorry for the people who lived in the troubled countries. After digesting the issue I find the leaders are at fault. Their irresponsible incitements and hostile have manipulated brothers and sisters to turn against each other in arms. As we progress deep into the play, I begin to clearly see how the fighters are threatened by the war. A character by the name Jussup is portrayed to be on a bed dying. He is probably in dementia and immobile. The explosions, bloody scenes as well as watching his pals drop dead might have caused him to lose his mind, sobriety escaping for good. The authorities had no use of him at this time, so they abandon him to die without any compensation with only his family keeping him alive.

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The English lessons throughout the course have been very interesting and I have had a good time in class. Learning grammar has been fascinating and enjoyed every part of it. The bouts of laughter we cracked when someone got question a tag wrong and other fun moments are all unforgettable. I remember for instance, the teacher gave a sentence and asked for a question. He simply said "You like your teacher" and asked for a question tag for that. One cheeky friend called Marty quickly screamed the answer he thought would do the trick. He loudly said "Liken'k you?" the class roared into uncontrollable laughter. Our teacher who expected an answer with the do- form (do or don't you?) could not hold back. However, that aside, there are some English concepts that I think I missed on and fate is judging me harshly. There have been several job offers at translation desks. The demand for translation services has increased especially in the media houses across the country. People with sufficient skills in paraphrasing, sentence inversion as well as rich in English vocabulary are the most sought after in a bid to fill these position and satisfy the arising needs. I perhaps concentrated much on the literature part of English because I liked it more. I overlooked much of the grammar aspects because I perceived they were majorly meant to help me write and speak the language. But I let literature control the whole of me, my reasoning, my action and interactions. I heavily relied on what I learnt in literature to relate with people and making choices which I do not in any way regret. I however wish that given a second chance, I would reconsider my stand and accord equal attention to both English grammar and literature. As I stand today, I run short of skills that could land me in my dream jobs which all require a good mastery of the English grammar. If only time could be dragged back, I think I could make better judgment and done things differently, but again, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

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