Nutritional Thread Responses in Our Free Essay

Published: 2022-09-23
Nutritional Thread Responses in Our Free Essay
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Research about nutrition was done on a 52-year-old female 5'5'' and weighs 143 pounds. The subject did eat fortified food but was not aware of what fortified foods were and were unable to give examples. She does not take any vitamin supplements, but she likes to try to take them naturally from natural foods. The subject does not have any knowledge regarding proper nutrients. The subject grew up in a lower-class family so I agree that it would be difficult for her to have appropriate knowledge of nutrition.

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A subject did eat fortified foods but was unaware of what fortified food was and was unable to give examples. Given that she grew from a lower-class family, health was not an option. In my opinion, I feel that the subject has enough reasons not to be aware of nutrition. She grew up on the cheap, fast and easy foods that lacked nutrients (Garbarino, James & Sherman 188). Therefore her habits would not be easy to stop after growing up.

Moreover, her coworkers consume unhealthy foods. They carry them into the office thus she gets tempted. I agree that it would be difficult to resist junk foods especially if it has been a habit of consuming them since childhood. I think that nutritionist should intervene.

A nutritionist is beneficial to everyone especially to those who have no background on nutrition (Willet & Walter 13). This is very true as it seems that if only the subject would be taught about nutrition foods, then maybe the subject would be aware of what to consume and in what portion. Also, since the subject does not know where to get information about nutrition, being taught by nutritionists would make a difference in her health.

Another research was done using a 30-year-old Caucasian male who weighed 180 lbs and was is5'8''. The subject has an extensive knowledge base towards fortified foods. He is also aware of various websites which talk about nutrition. The subject did not believe in the use of supplements outside of a daily multivitamin. The subject spoke highly about getting information from research which I agree since people need to know to understand about nutrition beyond what they are given by nutritionist.

The subject proves that he has extensive knowledge-based towards fortified foods. I feel that all these knowledge comes from the research he has made. The subject did not believe in supplements. This is because he feels that it is not necessary. I think that he is right especially where he is talking about protein powders spending time on false advertisements. As mentioned above, the subject believes in getting information from various sources. I see that it is important since the subject has so much knowledge. He knows what he needs. According to the knowledge he has, I feel nutritionists have failed people.

Nutritionists do not know traditional health foods. I also feel they have the same way of insisting about the same nutritious foods. For example, for athletes, most dietitians recommend them the same foods not knowing that each athlete has different life choices that will bring out different food choices. Dietitians need to go beyond taking 'clean' foods and also consider social life. In conclusion, I feel that people should seek help from nutritionists, but on top of that, they should also get information from other sources.


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