Why People Buy Stuff, Free Essay for You

Published: 2018-02-10
Why People Buy Stuff, Free Essay for You
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People buy things for various reasons; however, when done more than the wants or needs, greed is the causal factor. Additionally, the ability to buy things is another factor that drives individuals to buy things not necessarily out of necessity. In the exposition, I will dwell on three reasons why people buy things namely ego, emotions, and suspicion.

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According to Tuttle (2010), ego is the primary drive that makes individuals buy things. People want to show off to others what they have or can afford. Luxurious assets make one’s self-esteem to rise making one feel special in the society. For instance, when one buys a sports car such as a Porsche it very likely that he or she will flaunt it whenever there are occasions to signal his or her wealth conspicuously.

Emotions are the other driving factor to people buying stuff. In a recent study, it was evident that individuals purchase emotions and not things (Kramer, 2016). The human brain works in mysterious ways; one is intuitive, analytical, subjective, and logical in the decisions made. Before purchasing something people build emotions towards the stuff of interest such as when buying a Subaru; the car is beautiful, appealing, and has the adequate horsepower.

Goh (2014), states that suspicion drives people to buy stuff. For instance, the release of a new mobile device such as the iPhone 7 led people to purchase the phone out of curiosity; people wanted to know the phone’s capabilities without having to believe the reviews. Such suspicion is what drives people to make purchases; something sellers understand and capitalize on to make huge profits.

Conclusively, the purchase process is complex in nature as it covers distinct spheres of life. Understanding the human psychology holds the key to understanding why people buy things in various manners. Ego, suspicion, and emotions are some of the factors that make people buy stuff and sellers capitalize on the weaknesses to make super profits. 


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