Child Abuse Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-22
Child Abuse Essay Samples
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Child abuse defense

Child abuse is a worrying trend that threatens the emotional, physical and social development of infants. Usually, it refers to an array of harms including physical assault, injury, emotional abuse or sexual abuse among others. Regardless, of nature or form, it is imperative to enhance the safety of children in the household, society and institutions of learning. Overall, preventing child abuse require a holistic approach that incorporates the participation of different stakeholders’ primary caregivers, teachers, policymakers and leaders.

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The primary strategy is to understand the needs of the children, their fears and aspirations. The approach requires that caregivers or parents take an active role in the upbringing of the children. In most instance, pursuance of business deals, career and education limit the amount of time that families spend together. As a result, parents are somehow detached from the lives of their children. Lack of quality time with the children makes them vulnerable to negative social influences and abuse by other irrational persons. Therefore, parents should spend quality time with their children, learn about their experiences, offer relevant advice and protect them from wrong influences.

Equally, it is important to ensure discipline and examine the activities or behavior of the children from an early age. In most instances, negative peer influence or unruliness makes the children lose track of the accepted social norms. In essence, parents assess the behavior of the children and recommend appropriate disciplinary actions for unruly behavior. In this, children will learn to differentiate good and evil deeds. Similarly, parents should reward or acknowledge good behavior and encourage the children to improve. In so doing, the children will learn to become responsible members of the society and minimize incidents that might make them vulnerable to abuse such as drug addiction or sexual immorality.

Furthermore, parents should make sure that their children are in the company of morally upright persons. Normally, children emulate the characters of others including their parents, adults and siblings. Therefore, it is important to expose the children to an environment characterized by people that impart good morals and admirable behaviors. Sometimes, child molesters are immediate family members or friends that are entrusted to take care of them. The perspective denotes that parents must expose their children to good role models to build their confidence and enable them to become useful adults.

Finally, children should comprehend their rights and freedoms. Primarily, some people who abuse children take advantage of their naivety. Therefore, it is necessary to educate the children about their rights including freedom of expression, dignity and education among others. In addition, the policymakers and leaders should foster the rights of children and formulate appropriate laws for child protection.

Concisely, child development is a crucial element of socioeconomic and political development. Incidents of child abuse affect safety and overall development of the children, as evinced, it is necessary to incorporate different stakeholders in the design and implementation of programs to safeguard the rights of children. These initiatives range from taking active parental responsibility and education to policy formulation to enhance the experience of the children.

Stop the child abuse

According to my understanding, philanthropy is the act of a person giving voluntarily to the needy and the less advantaged in society. Loosely translated, the word philanthropy originated from the Latin word for the love of mankind. Being philanthropic is not limited to any social class in the community as there are several purposes for philanthropy. These may range from humanitarian efforts, giving for a religious purpose, being charitable and even for the establishment of social control. Philanthropic tendencies have greatly impacted on the development of civilization and human survival. Helping individuals who are in need is a great way to ensure they get a chance to survive and even thrive just like other members of the society. The key attribute of philanthropy is doing or giving for voluntarily for the sake of others (Zunz, 12).

The person that I consider to be extremely philanthropic is Bill Gates who owns Microsoft. Together with his wife Melinda, Bill has given the majority of his earnings to charity with the aim of improving the lives of people on a global scale. Through The Gates Foundation, the couple has donated billions of dollars to worthy initiatives such as education and health. The aim of the foundation is to improve the health of people around the globe through developing and availing vaccines for common infectious disease in poor regions around the world. For instance, the foundation has given billions of dollars in efforts to eradicate diseases such as Polio, Malaria and even HIV/AIDS. In addition, the foundation has hugely been involved in funding global development programs aimed at reducing global poverty and providing people with ways to improve their quality of life. Such initiatives include improving the sustainability of agriculture, improving water quality and access to clean water and providing an emergency humanitarian response to disasters. Lastly, the foundation has been on the forefront in funding education for the bright and needy students all across the globe. Some of the initiatives in this category include providing scholarships for needy students from basic education to the advanced level as well as providing funding for research into key areas such as health and technology.

The couple is philanthropic because they believe that all lives have equal value and thus everyone should be provided with a chance to better their lives without regard for their country of origin, age, gender or religious inclination. Bill and Melinda are optimistic individuals who see the best in people and thus strive to ensure that the best qualities in people around the world are natured as a way of improving the quality of life. The couple believes in focusing on a few big goals such as improving health and education and they strive to achieve this by giving all individuals the chance to live productive and healthy lives. In addition, Bill and Melinda believe that the best way to leave a legacy is not to amass huge chunks of wealth but to impact positively on the lives of individuals (Curti, 4)

I am also a philanthropic individual who strives to impact the lives of others positively in any way that can. I volunteer my time to mentor young boys and girls by providing them with the necessary guidance to excel in life. I do this by couching them on basic skills such as computer operation, art and music which helps them to focus their energy on a worthy initiative. If I had more money, I would definitely be willing to do more in regards to improving the quality of life for the needy through providing scholarships and giving humanitarian aid to those in need in the form of food, shelter and even clothing.

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