Encyclopedia Preliminary Research. Essay Example.

Published: 2019-10-15
Encyclopedia Preliminary Research. Essay Example.
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Implementing the social communism ideology would be important to nationalists who were seeking to change various aspects of the decolonized states. People would be considered equal with laws made to protect them from discrimination. This seemed a better idea than what had been the usual of discrimination during colonization. Social communism seemed an ideal way since it advocated for social anarchism and syndicalism unlike democracy whose political movements would include classical liberalism, social democracy and anacho-capitalism. It also seemed a good way of introducing economic coordination basically planning to determine investments and production decisions. This practice would play an important role in the growth of decolonized countries unlike capitalism which would depend on markets. Social communism seemed great for eradicating class distinction and status would mostly be derived from political distinction.

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Their very experienced troops including the navy, army and air force had ease handling the weapons. The senor command military leadership is with no doubt a reason why the state was better at handling innovations. What Russia had was quantity or numerical advantage. They had so many troops of soldiers who were not well experienced with weapons. Soviets also had inferior quality of equipment that were used during the war. Additionally it is important to note that the United States had a booming economy that enabled innovation of war weapons and invest heavily in training their military.

The cold war was undeniably won by the United States. This basically means they able to negotiate from a place of strength and pressured or better words force Russia into agreeing to the USA demands. Soviet unions can in this case be described as losers of this particular war for agreeing to work with USA terms. What really led to this victory has been a topic of debate, with different opinions from different school of thoughts trying to explain what really conspired. Economic prosperity of the United States could be a reason as to why they are referred to as the winners of this war. At the time the Russian economy was really on a slow and struggling demonstrates limitations of the soviets power. Another doctrine used to explain the same is foreign policy that left Russia fall on its own after USA stopped its interventionist and aggressive campaigns against Russia. The war caused by communist world desire to force communism upon the rest of the world. On the other hand the capitalists could claim the win since most of the world today is not communists. The main union w ho had tirelessly tried to spread the spirit of communisms failed miserably after their union fell apart.

China indeed strikes a balance between the two and has been able to maintain and sustain continued economic growth and has been quite a success. The political component permits the ruling party to maintain and retain a firm grip on governments, courts and the army. After the end of the world war, some western commentators looked to the demise of the communist regimes in the Soviet Union and predicted the fall of communist regime in china. However instead of collapsing china experienced an astonishing growth in the economy. Although, this was later changed, the leaders and people of china saw a demonstration of the need to maintain political stability and undivided national sovereignty. This has left observers if china will soon have liberated politics but the idea has only inclined towards pessimism. As a result, of political liberalization, Chinese communist party has ceased to be a monolithic party.

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