Essay Example - Embracing Cultural Diversity at the Workplace

Published: 2023-09-14
Essay Example - Embracing Cultural Diversity at the Workplace
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Currently, the issues surrounding our cultural differences in America are sensitive, evidenced by the week-long demonstrations in the fight against racism and racial profiling. Living in the 21st century, it is time that every citizen is accorded fair and just treatment as per the law dictates. The workplace is a social setting where people from different backgrounds come together to offer their skills for economic growth and development purposes. Due to the nature of the diversity of the people working in a given environment, I believe it is necessary to come up with ways to improve cultural diversity in the workplace, which could be an essential step towards solving the racial problem at a national level.

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Background Information

In the past, discrimination has been observed in the employment sector, where employers were unwilling to have members of minority ethnic groups in their workforce. As a result, many skilled and qualified employees from minority groups were denied access to employment opportunities. However, until recently, changes in organizational management in the HR area have advocated for changes in these hiring procedures and demanded the provision of equal employment opportunities for all based on merit and qualifications.

Objectives of the Project

The objectives of the project are therefore aimed at assessing the extent to which these new HR reforms have been adopted and implemented in the workplace today. Some of the objective questions that the research proposal wishes to address include;

  • How are workplaces and employers responding to cultural diversity at the workplace?
  • Are employees embracing these changes that are sweeping in their places of work?
  • How is cultural diversity impacting productivity in the workplace?
  • How has cultural diversity impacted social and communal interactions?

Scope of work

The research exercise scope intends to look into various employment sectors, i.e., the private and public sectors in general. The study will assess the effectiveness and the ease of applicability with which the HR reforms have been incorporated in the workplace by various employers. Through the utilization of both primary and secondary research methods, the research's scope will entail data primary and secondary evidence to support the claims made in the research activity.


The timing aspect of the study will fall between modest changes in the HR area from 1990 to 2020. Therefore, the study will look into the various changes that have taken place in the employment sector concerning the cultural diversity aspects of the workplace. Spanning over approximately 30 years, the study will be able to provide the readers with crucial and sensitive information regarding the changes that have continued to take place in the employment sector. Through conducting the above-outlined timeline analysis, it will be possible to determine the effectiveness with which cultural diversity changes have been incorporated with prospective employers.

Credentials of the consultant (you)

As a qualified student who has continued to exhibit academic excellence in the course of my study, I believe I possess the necessary credentials to conduct well-guided research based on the above proposal. I intend to use the vast knowledge that I have gained in the course of my study to do thorough and in-depth research that will provide accurate and peer-reviewed information. Therefore, I believe that I have the necessary credentials to conduct the above research independently and come up with research that will contain credible information that could serve as a secondary source in similar research studies.

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