Free Essay Sample on Brigitte Zarie

Published: 2019-07-17
Free Essay Sample on Brigitte Zarie
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A new force has swept into the world of jazz in a whirlwind of fresh air. Meet vocalist, songwriter and composer Brigitte Zarie. ( Zarie). She sings only her own songs. She makes all herself: music and lyrics in her own unique style.

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Being born in Toronto city in Canada she was in music from her early childhood. She comes from the musical household. Her parents were moved from Casablanca, Morocco. Brigitte absorbed music from her parents. Her mother was a jazz musician. She played keyboards and some Moroccan musical instruments. Her father was a multi-instrumentalist. He played his music for her mother at their first date. So, music is in Brigittes blood. During her childhood Brigitte was surrounded by jazz music, which greatly influenced her. It was everywhere. You couldn't run away from it. I come from a massive family. [...] and my whole family is all musical. - said Brigitte Zarie in her interview. (Dupuis, J ). She comes from a very big family. She has nine siblings. Some of them are also in music. They can play musical instruments.

Her first steps to the musical career were when she was a little girl. Her earliest performance was in a camp. She sang playing a role of Cinderella

But the other event in her life made up her interest in jazz music and influenced her future as a musician, not just as a singer but also as a songwriter. When she was nearly seven, Brigitte and her sister were staying at their elder brothers apartment. Danny was listening to Antonio Carlos Jobim and Stan Getz, and this music amazed Brigitte. It seemed for her the best music in her life. When their brother had to leave he was going to turn the music off, but girls asked him not to do that. Little girls fell asleep listening to beautiful music. It's etched in my brain and that was my true introduction to jazz-said Brigitte Zarie in one of her interviews. (Dupuis, Jim).An atmosphere in her family influenced Brigitte and made her create. She started writing songs since early age. She always does everything herself. She writes music and lyrics at the same time, as a whole thing together. And she never sings other's songs. I was writing songs since I was a little girl. It never occurred to me to sing someone elses songs, even though there are many great ones (

She has never studied music. She tried to study in The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, but she couldnt go through this. It was hard for her to do exercises and she decided to stop her musical education in a little time after beginning. She started singing naturally, without any training. In 1995, she moved to New York City, and started her career in America.

Her career starts from one song. She had a recorder. Brigitte recorded her first song into a cassette. This song gets to Neil Jason. The producer liked it and they started working together on it and on other songs written by Brigitte. She always records her songs and gives them to her producer to appraise it and decide how to make it, how to prepare it for listeners. Or drop it away and work on the other thing.

Brigitte Zarie sings in two languages. She writes her songs in English and French and even creates some bilingual. Brigitte speaks three languages: English, French and Portuguese. She knows French since her early childhood. When Brigitte was little, her parents usually spoke French at home, even when they swore at their children. Living in Canada such a family made her bilingual and gave a great language skill. She even managed to make a bilingual song, combined English and French, which seemed very hard to sing because of the change-over of two very different languages.

In 1998, Brigitte married Neil Jason, a musician and her producer. They worked together. Brigitte write her songs; Neil helped her to make them interesting for listeners. They arranged her first solo album and prepared it for release in 2009. Her two albums had a great success: Make Room for Me (2009) and L'amour (2013). The album L'amour was bestselling on the French Amazon Jazz and French iTunes Jazz. Her works took first places in French charts.

Now, Brigitte Zarie is rather famous with her novelty and uniqueness. She differs from the other jazz musicians by her personal style and natural musical skill. She became a star without musical education and creates her works not according to standards, but following her talent.

The arguments we have presented would indicate that she was born with music. She lives with music from her early childhood, surrounded by musicians. It is with her all her life. Her parents made her musician. They inculcated a great musical taste in her and allowed to develop her talent. Brigittes talent and her uniqueness made her famous. All knowledge in music she has now came from the things she was taught by her parents, from her experience and from advice of her husband.

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