Free Essay. Election Issues: Two Presidential Candidates

Published: 2023-10-31
Free Essay. Election Issues: Two Presidential Candidates
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On November 03, 2020, Americans will have a choice to make on who to lead them for the next term. Both the presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden have presented their campaigns, and they hope to lure the electorates into voting for them. In the face of COVID-19, the electorate will be eager to understand the measures their next president will put in place to take them through this critical phase. This paper analyses some essential issues and how the two candidates are ready to face them if given the precious opportunity. Some of the issues include the challenge of gun violence, the New Green Deal, environmental concerns, immigration and border matters, healthcare, the Economy, social justice, and education. The issues are critical and affect many Americans, so they will be vital in determining the candidate Americans will entrust with their votes.

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Donald Trump Information

Donald Trump is the current and 45th president of the United States. He is a male born on June 14, 1946, and raised in Queens, New York. He is currently 74 years old (Biography. Com, 2020). Trump represents the Republican Party in November 2020 elections. Trump pursued a bachelor of degree in economics from Wharton School. He had a successful career in business and as a television personality before deciding to focus on politics. Trump switched into politics in 2015; he decided to run for presidency through the Republican Party (Biography. Com, 2020). He went head to head with the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He won becoming the 45th president of the United States.

Trump has several strengths; he is a strict leader, and that works to his advantage. When he makes decisions, he stands firm to his views; he does not let other people sway his stands based on what they think is right for Americans (Biography. Com, 2020). In some instances, leaders need to be strict because some decisions are tough and require non-sympathetic leaders. For example, dealing with refugees requires a tough character because they are people under unsafe conditions. Trump's personality is also crucial in swaying multitudes to vote him in. He is a funny character and charismatic leader who can easily win people's attention. Some Americans just like Trump because of how he cracks jokes. Not everyone loves too serious leaders.

However, he has some weaknesses; also, Trump's ignorant character and ruthless ruling might outplay his chances of getting re-election. Trump has ignored media personalities for several occasions, and some people might term that as rudeness (Biography. Com, 2020). Trump has also made some questionable decisions. For instance, in an attempt to seize illegal immigration, Trump sent thousands of Christian refugees back to Iraq. These expose the vulnerable groups to attacks. Come November, Americans will decide whether that was the best choice to make.

Super PACs are groups of like-minded citizens who use their resources to support or oppose candidates independent of the candidate's campaigns. The groups ensure that American citizens do not lose their amendment rights. Super PACs can contribute and also receive funds from unions. Super PACs challenge the monopoly of communication through campaigns held by the big political powers. Super PACs are not allowed to give money to parties or political candidates. Super PACs must provide information about their donors and register with the Federal Election Commission for monitoring purposes. Trump is financing his campaigns so he does not rely on the support of super PACs.

In 2016 National Rifles Association of America (NRA) endorsed Trump. Trump had their support for the election. In 2020, NRA is unlikely to support any of the presidential candidates because of its financial position. National Association of police have endorsed Trump for the 2020 election. Many unions are unable to offer their support because the coronavirus pandemic has dealt them a great blow finance-wise. However, groups such as America First Action and Committee to Defend the President have contributed to Trump's re-election. The firefighters' groups will be against Trump because they feel that he has ignored their welfare, for instance, retirement packages.

Joe Biden Information

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942; he grew in Cranton in Northeast Pennsylvania (Biography. Com, 2020). He is currently 77 years old. He is the democratic candidate set to rival Donald Trump in November 03 2020 elections. Biden studied at the University of Delaware. He pursued history and political science. After accomplishing his studies, Biden started his law firm in Delaware in 1968 (Biography. Com, 2020). From 1979 to 2009, Biden served diligently in the senate, getting an opportunity to participate in the political world (Biography. Com, 2020). On November 02, 2008, Obama got elected as the president of the U.S with Biden as his running mate; he officially qualified to become the 47th United States, vice president (Biography. Com, 2020). In 2012 he ran the office after the second re-election of Obama. The Democratic Party has entrusted Biden to rival Trump in the November 2020 elections.

Joe Biden's strength lies in his ability to apply logic in the decisions he makes. He is more of a progressive leader. Biden is considerate of the choices he makes. He is not arrogant, and he pays attention to the media. Biden is not hostile and approaches issues more humanely (Biography. Com, 2020). His weaknesses lie in his sympathetic character. Americans can question the ability and boldness of such a leader when faced with difficult circumstances. Some people might feel that he is too soft for a leader.

Like his rival, he does not get support from super PACs. NRA does not wish to support any presidential candidate because of their economic situation in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Many unions have also made it clear that they are not in a great position to extend their financial support to Biden. However, there are some groups such as Paloma Partners, Priorities U.S, Simon Property Group, amongst others who have willingly contributed money to support Biden's campaigns. The National Association of Police Organizations support Trump hence; they will be against Biden come November. The firefighter unions will be supporting Biden in 2020 elections, because they feel that he will be able to address their needs.

Election Issues

Issues Trump Biden

Gun violence Gun violence is significantly affecting Americans. Trump government feels that a lot of shooting done is for personal protection hence it is difficult to control (Williams, 2020). Trump has devised a lot of mechanisms to control illegal possession of guns by introducing mandatory registering of weapons. Trump has also banned assault weapons. Trump is against background checks of because of privacy issues. The democratic party feels that the current legislations are not good enough to fight the gun violence issue. Biden is eager to check on assault weapons that still exist such as AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles (Williams, 2020). Democrats also call for mandatory universal background checks to prevent illegal possession of firearms. Biden is also proposing mandatory gun registry systems to put them under checks.

New green deal and environmental concerns. The new green deal targets to address issue of climate change and economic inequality (Politico, 2020). Trump is against the progressive idea of the new green deal because he feels that it will negatively impact on the economy. Trump’s administration has been doing a lot to reduce carbon emissions and participating in the protection of the nature’s state. Trump has openly ignored some environmental issues claiming that U.S has broader issues than environmental straws. If elected Biden has promised to see the new green deal through because he feels it is appropriate (Politico, 2020). Biden focuses on reducing use of some of harmful energy sources such as coal to reduce carbon emission levels. Oil, gas and coal, contributes to around three quarters of the energy used in U.S. Biden government intends to promote sustainable use of the energy (Politico, 2020).

Immigration and border issues U.S faces a significant challenge on the issue of illegal immigration and smuggling across borders. Trump has approached the problem in a strict approach. He constructed the US-Mexico border wall to halt illegal immigrations. Trump fired top immigrant officials and replaced them with new ones. Trump has stated that he will increase 5% tariffs for all goods incoming from Mexico to prevent illegal smuggling (Politico, 2020). Biden intends to handle the immigration issue moderately. He intends to give citizenship to 11 million undocumented immigrants (Politico, 2020). The democrats want to take an approach that respects the international relations. Biden is against construction of the border wall as he feels the billions lost can be put into better use. He even intends to tear down some parts of the wall.

Health care Trump is calling for scrapping down of the Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as he feels it is a burden to the tax payers (Panetta, 2020). A lot of Americans are still unable to access healthcare because uses a multi-payer system where everyone pays for their bills through medical insurance. However, the government has supported vulnerable citizens through Medicaid and Media care programs. However, the majority still remain uncovered. Having worked under Obama Biden intends to keep his dream alive by ensuring continual of the Obamacare healthcare program. Biden also intends to introduce measures to reduce the costs of drugs (Panetta, 2020). Huge tariffs on other states such as China has made it challenging for U.S to import drugs and medical equipment. Biden intends to put measures to rectify the cost of prescription drugs.

Economy COVID-19 has adversely affected United States economy. Many people have lost jobs and the economy is on shambles. Trump assures Americans that if given another term he will fix the economy (Panetta, 2020). He intends to protect the U.S market from stiff external competition to give Americans a chance to beat competition. Biden is focusing on shifting resource allocations to lower-income Americans to give them a chance to turn their lives around (Panetta, 2020). He also targets on creating more affordable houses for the most vulnerable groups. Biden intends to support big banks to keep them afloat.

Social justice Trump supports capital punishment for offenders who accused of murder and some drug dealers (Politico, 2020). He feels that serious offenders should serve capital punishments like it is done in nations like China. Biden does not support capital punishments (Politico, 2020). He believes that some inmates go through the process undeservingly. He also calls for shorter sentences for inmates to reduce crowding in cells.

Education The Trump administration has offered grants to students to ensure they access education. Trump introduced every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to empower states to educate everyone (Compare Candidates, 2020). The government has improved the student loaning system to facilitate easy access. Biden is against for-profit charter schools (Compare Candidates, 2020). He intends to put measures in place to ensure students get college selections deservingly. Democrats are also focusing on counselling some student debts to empower them grow economically. Biden is focusing on making college education free for some students under specific income lines (Compare Candidates, 2020). Biden is supporting the raise of teachers' pay.

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