Compare and Contrast Essay Sample: Discovering Similarities and Differences

Published: 2022-07-15
Compare and Contrast Essay Sample: Discovering Similarities and Differences
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There are many attractive places to think of during a holiday or a vacation. It is always exciting at the thought of vacation either in the mountains of beaches. An individual has to select great options available on a variety of sceneries that are fun and equally attractive. Nevertheless, fascinating places I have visited and observed during a vacation are Myrtle Beach and Pigeon Forge. Even though both are tourist attraction sites, they have similarities and differences owing to the diverse geographical features, climatic conditions and significant human activities. Therefore, this essay compares and contrasts the characteristics of Myrtle Beach and Pigeon Forge relative to their functions as vacation destinations.

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One significant difference between Myrtle Beach and Pigeon Forge is their geographical location. Myrtle Beach is a southern beach that is also known as the grand strand, which stretches 60 miles along the Northern and Southern Carolina coast (The Fun-Official Guide to Myrtle Beach, 2018). It extends from a little river at North Carolina border to Georgetown. It is separated by Intracoastal waterways from the continental United States. Pigeon Forge is a mountain resort city, Tennessee located in the South Eastern US and on the West Fork of Little Pigeon River. It is located 5 miles on the northern great Smokey mountain national park and the home of Dollywood (Fun things to do in Pigeon Forge, 2018).

Myrtle Beach attracts approximately 14 Million tourists every year with the Grand Stand and the beach as the main tourist attraction during all seasons. The beach hosts a variety of activities and special convention events and musical concerts. The beach also has a highly commended attraction, Carolina Opry, which hosts a variety of entertainment events including dance and comedy. Pigeon Forges' Dollywood Park and Stampede Theater are the main tourist attraction sites owned by the country music star Dolly Parton. Pigeon Forge attracts almost 11 Million visitors every year because of its natural esthetic value. (Fun things to do in Pigeon Forge, 2018).

Generally, it would cost almost a similar amount to vacate at either Myrtle Beach or pigeon forge. Both vacation spots have a variety of hotels and restaurants that accommodate different classes of tourists. An average hotel for a family of four at either place would be around $40 for a single night. Dinner for a family of four would be approximately $100 a night (Area Information Alligator Adventure, 2018). The cost of different fun sites varies, however, pigeon forge, Dollywood is slightly expensive.

Both vacation spots sports fields and playgrounds that support sports during the vacation to make it more enjoyable. The Pigeon Forge contains large picnic areas along with playgrounds and basketball courts. Wonderwork's Indoor Amusement Park hosts rides and games like the sky wheel, which is a giant Ferris wheel with closed in compartments. A few of these activities would include whitewater rafting, boating tours through the Smokiest, fly-fishing, scenic helicopter rides and Dolly's. Myrtle Beach supports an array of sporting activities including soccer and beach racing. Moreover, it is considered home to the Carolina league baseball tea and several goal courses.

Both vacation spots have tons of entertainment. Myrtle Beach and Pigeon Forge both have a theatre hosting a variety of entertainment activities including big laughs theatre, comedy shows. The Carolina Pry hosts show including Light, a laser light show to music such as The Beetles, Pink Floyd and the best of American Music coupled with elegant customization (Area Information Alligator Adventure, 2018). Entertainment shows at the Country Tonight Theatre, the smoky Mountain theatre and the comedy barn theatre in Pigeon is equally inviting with hypnotized comedy shows, which comprise of the audience members hypnotized, comedy and live music and family-friendly entertainment such as Dolly Parton's Stampede.

Besides, both vacation spots having excellent stage entertainment, Myrtle Beach and Pigeon Forge have comparable yet unlike dining experiences. At Myrtle Beach, a vacation would not be complete without a seafood buffet including crabs and other aquatic animals. Pigeon Forge is equally brilliant with unique restaurant choices; pancakes are the traditional delicious sweet with a wide variety of pancakes (Fun Things to do in Pigeon Forge, 2018).

Trip planning access Myrtle Beach and Pigeon Forge are similar. Myrtle Beach is accessible by air through the Myrtle Beach International Airport and Pigeon Forge through Pigeon Forge Airport that is 7 miles away, with known carriers having their presence including Delta, Westjet, and United and Allegiant air. Both vacation spots are conveniently accessible by road with several intersects; bus services are also available from several states. In both places, there are also rental car services and taxi for ease movement.

Both Myrtle Beach and Pigeon Forge are great options as far an exciting family or personal vacation, so deciding where to go may be a tough decision to make. Regardless of if you like surfing the waves of the Myrtle Beach coastline or sweeping through the old Tennessee mining company on the Tennessee tornado in Dollywood, you are guaranteed to have a blast on either trip you decide. The diverse geographical and climatic conditions allow different fun activities in both mountains and beaches. Hence, personal choice entirely depends on preference.

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