Essay Sample on Effects of Automobile

Published: 2019-05-28
Essay Sample on Effects of Automobile
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The manufacture and rapid growth in popularity in 1900, vehicles have become a daily requirement in the life of many people in the world. Despite their offer of the undoubtable advantage of the convenience, they come with some adverse impact of which most are fatal and costly to the human race. Cars are a major contributor to air pollution and global climate deviations as well as a danger when driven careless.

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The invention of the automobile is traced back to the thirteen century in Europe but was later taken over by the Americans. Use of cars dominates the other means of transportation and has brought more positive and fewer adverse effects on the transportation industry than any other. Use of automobile has helped in the smooth running of day to day life in the world. Without the utilization of the automobile, life could have been so cumbersome and so tiring. The use of cars has changed the society lifestyles all over the world on the social, economic, political and family aspect.

Use of cars in the US was initially taken as a take for the affluent class. Building of Ford assembly plant lowered the production process and cost to ensure that they were available and affordable to the common American. They were produced in masses and became affordable to many hence changed many aspects of the American lives.

The invention of the automobile had a great impact on the migration of Americans from suburbs to the urban areas and vice versa. The urban person did not have the need to purchase a car since where they lived everything was within a walking distance (O'Connell, 1998). The suburb person needed an automobile to take the kids to school and do the shopping. The woman role changed entirely, and they started taking the roles of men and demanded equal rights.

The invention of the automobile also faced out the use of the railroad in the United States. Passengers no longer used the rail but preferred the most comfortable automobile. The commuter train was left to transport cargo. The bicycle that had been used for many years as a faster and efficient means of transport compared to walking in older days was also pushed out.

The number of horses that had been used for long was decreasing drastically. The Americans preferred the car and claimed that horse manure was making the city dirty. The United States cities have become cleaner with the emergence of automobiles. The car has been used and will still be used as long as people and goods will need to be transported. Economists projects that by 2025 more than a 1 billion Americans will own a car. In American teenager licensing and owning a car has become like a rite of passage. It signifies a sense of freedom. People could evade the normal daily activities to undertake personal endorsements because they are free from family control (Yang, 2014).

The development of the car has changed the employment distribution, social interactions, manufacturing priorities, shopping patterns. The use of automobiles has rendered the use of horses and bicycles useless. This h made the construction of the sidewalks and pedestrians walk valueless on the roads.

Pedestrians in the modern urban centers must be more alert than those in the previous era. In the olden days, a pedestrian-only worried about the streetcars moving slowly or the obstacles on the road and other pedestrians. The emergence of the automobile a pedestrian has to put safety otherwise they will be knocked down by the automobiles cruising at high speeds thus causing fatal injuries to human life and can be dangerous. In the past, the only source of accidents was from horses that had refused to adhere to the riding commands.

The automobile industry is a core pillar in total employments in the US comprising of about ten percent. Employment is a source of government revenue from taxes paid from wages. If it were not for the automobile industry, most Americans would be jobless. Many people are employed as drivers of the automobiles and others as instructors to the drivers in driving schools. Police officers are given jobs to make sure that motorist abides by the rules and regulation of traffic requirements. Magistrates are given the job of prosecuting those using the automobiles in a undesired manner (O'Connell, 1998).

Mechanics are employed whether self or by a company to repair vehicles that have broken down, and they earn a living. Engineers are engaged in the automobile assembly plants. Many more US citizens are working in the oil production sector and motor accessories companies that are used in the automobile industry. Automobile manufacturing has seen the US economy stabilize and grow (Kumar, 2000). The automobile industry directly affects the life of each citizen in the US.

Export and import of motor vehicle and spare parts has led to the balance of international trade balance. Every economy requires foreign currency reserves for use in the international markets. This trade helps build the good business relationship between the US and other nations and a creating sense of corporate ties hence promoting the US economic growth. The Government collects levies and exercises duty taxes on these goods.

One fifth of all the steel and three-fifths of the rubber produced in the US is consumed locally by the automobile industry. It reduces the importation of these commodities hence stabilizing the economy because there is no foreign dependency. The automobile industry is a great consumer of the machine tools produced by other factories in the US. The frequent use of automobile has led to the emergence of fast food restaurants along the road transport lines. The motor hotel has ample parking reserves are quickly pushing out the hotel since they don't need any booking because the motorist is not sure where to stop. This creates a source of income to the government through taxes and also a source of living for the businesspeople.

The automobile industry has played a big role in the America's industrialization process. So many companies have been put in the US and other countries to manufacture and assemble automobiles. Many more have been set for the manufacture of automobile spare parts and accessories. Numerous functional manufacturing plants are an economic indicator of a developed economy. Various manufacturing plants have been set up in the US to process crude oil to obtain gas and gasoline used in automobile industry. The automobile industry has kept the petroleum production plant surviving in the US. Rubber factories have been built to manufacture tires for the automobiles (Kumar, 2000).

Manufacture of automobiles has triggered numerous technological advancements in the United States. Top US government automobiles are fitted with highly sophisticated security gadgets and anti-terror equipment which a significant technological superiority. Technology has enabled designing of more comfortable and suitable automobiles. The seats are adjusted accordingly. Technology has also enhanced speed in these automobiles. Modern vehicles are fitted with car tracker that can monitor the movement of the vehicle in case of a business or for quick tracking in case the vehicle is stolen.

In-car sensors are fitted in the modern automobiles that can sense obstacle near a moving and stops it to avoid collision hence reducing automobile accident since it saves those on board and those outside the vehicle. The sensors are also able to detect the mechanical niches in an automobile and diagnose the same for repair. They are fitted with airbags that help save the life in case of a fatal road carnage by reducing the impact of a collision. The advancement in technology has led to the manufacture of automobiles that consume environment-friendly fuel hence preserving the natural resources (Kumar, 2000). Hybrid automobiles are the most preferred by most people in the United States. They consume a combination of gasoline and electricity to run the engine hence saving on the cost of gasoline since it consumes very little.

The invention of efficient and less consuming automobiles in the US has been adopted. There is the electric automobile that uses electricity to propel the engine. There are solar-powered automobiles, the fuel cell and vehicles that use ethanol that is less costly and environmentally friendly. In the US, vehicles are fitted with automatic safety belts and have helped reduce the number of accidents on the roads. All these environmental advancement are as a result of the existence of the automobile industry in the US.

The automobile manufacturing sector has led to modern and advanced methods of oil exploration. It helps to locate the crude oil reserves so as to take care of the rising demand for gasoline, gas and other crude oil products required in the automobile industry. Nevertheless, modern technology advancements are underway to come up with a more efficient automobile that would probably use the less expensive water to run their engine. The air conditioners in modern vehicles have enabled citizens adjust to favorable weather conditions in times of adverse conditions. People can stay inside the car on a hot or cold day by just adjusting a knob or a button and desired temperature conditions are fixed.

The automobile sector has enhanced fast, efficient and reliable means of transport. Good, services and people can be conveyed comfortably and conveniently from one place to another. Messages can be delivered to the recipients conveniently via road hence enhancing sharing of information from one source to the other without distorting the meaning. Labor force can be moved quickly to areas of demand using vehicles hence promoting economic growth.

Fresh farm produce and other perishable goods can reach the designated market to the desired consumers in time hence promoting good business via the automobiles. Raw materials are transported to the respective industries for processing using the automobiles. Automobiles have led to the emergence of transport business. In the US, we have courier services company and taxi operators business hence enhancing entrepreneurial minds. Transport services are the backbone for any economy in the world whether developed or under developed.

The automobile industry has helped improve the health care services to the US residents. It plays a vital role in the health sector. Sick people will be rushed to a medical facility using an automobile. As a matter of facts, a most of the ambulances are automobiles. A medic will always use a car to visit clients who are far away (O'Flaherty, 2005). In times of emergency and natural calamities like hurricanes and floods vehicles are used for medical evacuations and for carrying first aid materials for the affected citizens. The automobiles can conveniently access the scene of the tragedies hence serving the needy in time.

Automobiles have enhanced tight security among the US citizens. The US security sheriffs use security van to patrol the streets and around homes in the US. Those found committing crimes are pursued using a vehicle in case they try to escape. The US president motorcade has automobiles fitted with bomb detector just because of security reasons for the president and other state officials. Highway patrol cars are on always on the roads to enhance safety on the US roads.

The motor industry has encouraged sports and motor racing. These events play a vital role in advertising the US automobile products. The racers get a chance to exhibit their cruising expertise and are rewarded abundantly by the motor vehicle company sponsoring them. The race gives the racer a chance to test their car speed and superiority on the roads. It is a form of entertainment for the US citizens who come to watch and cheer the racers. The government collects revenue after taxing the organizer of the race.

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