Essay Example about Type A Personality

Published: 2022-08-22
Essay Example about Type A Personality
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My personality test revealed a score of 6 out of 10 which is categorized as a type A personality. This personality describes an individual who is proactive, rigidly organized, ambitious, highly status conscious, sensitive, caring for others, honest, impatient, always trying to offer assistance to others, takes more than they could handle, wants others to be precise, and has an obsession with efficiency in time management.

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Benefits of Type A Personality

Type A personality individuals usually naturally take the initiative to do things naturally which simplifies decision making. The individuals are capable, confident, and efficient (Scott, 2006). The personalities have a safety sensation which enables them to conduct thorough data review and analysis which is essential in fostering comprehensively secure action plans. They always have enough contingencies which can be executed in case the initial method fails. This allows implementation of safe problem-solving processes for the benefit of their organizations.

If there are any security concerns, the data review and analysis processes often take longer. This is because the individuals require to verify or gather more information to make competent decisions in specific situations. Data analysis is exceptionally critical for these individuals as they strive to achieve excellence.

Whenever a problem emerges, it takes substantial time to study, collect and analyze data using available resources to fit the situation. Besides the mere facts, the thoughts and opinions of involved people are also crucial to them. Usually, they tend to appear very academic and accords the work environment the seriousness it deserves. In effect, these personalities realize much success from decisions made.

Type A personality individuals are very systematic in their operations. They have no problem with conventional systems and can withstand chronologically doing things, preferably devoid of mistakes. They believe in the power of consistent long-term solutions. Type A personalities are also good at risk management. When working with personnel who leave no room for error, one is confident that the people are competent in their operations and bring organizational success. Based on the thoughts, opinions, and data the individuals gather, they can manage risks to the least possible level.

Weaknesses associated with type A Personality

Due to an achievement-driven mentality, type A individuals adhere to what is described as a better life. The essential behavioral dispositions of these individuals would be the feeling of time urgency and excessive professional investment. Type A personalities are characterized as having a marked trait for action and emotion, resulting in an attitude of continuous and vigorous struggle towards the objectives, disregard of eventual adverse circumstances and personal affectation for the use of time. In reality, Type A personality is intrinsically driven by the desire to reach an increasing number of goals in an increasingly shorter time frame (Scott, 2006). You never have enough time, since the desires and goals get involved in each other, it shows hurried, with urgency, partially in frustration and in conflict (hurry sickness). He does not accept defeat or battle, so he tends to persevere. It displays a well-rationalized, fluctuating hostility, not admitting any less-than-merited self-behavior.

Type A personality is an action- emotion expressed by individuals involved in an almost continuous struggle to achieve as soon as possible an unlimited number of ill-defined objectives, if necessary in spite of the obstacles or the will of other individuals in their environment (Myrtek, 2001). When the individual feels threatened in their environment, they organize their behaviors to restore and maintain control. This environmental situation behaves as a stressor. Thus, a stress-activated reaction causes

According to a study, Type A patients are characterized by behaviors that reflect internal violence with a willingness to express anger and aggression (hostility complex) openly, a sense of permanent urgency and an attitude of distrust of others.


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