Dynamic Interplay: Humans, Environment, and Ideas in Evolution - Paper Example

Published: 2024-01-30
Dynamic Interplay: Humans, Environment, and Ideas in Evolution - Paper Example
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Humans and Environment

The environment is what provides the physical part of the world in which Human beings live. It provides, that natural resources that human beings depend on for survival, the resources only appear naturally and human beings can only change the way they relate with the environment but cannot create a different environment other than the naturally existing one with its physical features (Rai, Pp1-13). The environment has an impact on human lives and how they relate to one another. The changing patterns of interaction between human beings and the environment have also affected human life in different ways. As human beings evolved, they changed the way they related to the environment and the effects they were receiving were quite positive due to the improvement and the understanding of how the environment is essential and how it can be improved so that it can better help the human being. In the past human beings used old agrarian methods of irrigation to conduct agricultural products, the agrarian methods were one of the oldest techniques in which human beings were related to the environment to improve their lives through the production of food. However, the agrarian methods were improved, and the improvement brought in better results, and lives were changed for the better through easier strategies of food production that were efficient and available to everyone.

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Humans and Other Humans

The lives of human beings are interdependent, and the change in one person's life or group of people with similar life patterns changes affects the other parties of human life. People are social beings, and they depend on one another for many things. However, their dependence relies on their relationship. Human beings have different relationships with certain people or groups of people. The relationship can either be good or bad and can also be close or far. A good relationship benefits all human beings because it means well to one another, a bad relationship can bring conflict and affect human lives negatively through wars and other conflicts that harm one another (Loebler, Np). The relationship between humans however has become complex from time to time, the increase in knowledge and population has changed the human relationship from simple to complex, and the change from simple to complex is to accommodate for the new factors that arise when the population of human brings rises and the knowledge and information about human interaction increases.

Humans and Ideas

The ways humans have viewed society have also changed from time to time. Just the ways almost everything in human beings is changing, the way human beings also view society has changed for obvious reasons. Human beings can grow in knowledge and wisdom. They constantly develop new ideas and ways of life and are convincingly changing their behavior and how they see things. In the past, society was meant to create a social colony for protection and socialization. Different aspects define society today; there are business, morals, ideals, and aims that the society is expected to produce in order for them to stick together (Zhang, Pp3-7). The view of society however constantly changes as time goes on. The measure in which it changes can be done based on different eras that have been described in history like the civilization era, industrialization, and the current democratic eras. There are however distinct concepts of describing a society about different disciplines.

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