Duties I Performed and My Personal Conclusions about the Tasks Done, Free Essay about Teaching

Published: 2022-04-18
Duties I Performed and My Personal Conclusions about the Tasks Done, Free Essay about Teaching
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As an assistant teacher, my main role is to help an educator in managing the classroom and educating the children. During the month, I executed various duties. One duty that I performed is clerical support where I provided assistance with administrative work such as typing, ordering classroom materials, filing, securing grading papers and keeping attendance records of the students. Another responsibility I conducted is reinforcing lessons that the teachers presented. I also aided children with their classwork. In this case, I gathered the children in groups and helped them with the lesson plans and review of the tasks covered by the teacher. Besides, I handled and prepared learning materials such as projectors, computers and audio-visual equipment before and after the lesson. I also helped the children to prepare homework individually and complete their research projects. Further, I assisted with the supervision of students during outside class activities such as field trips. Additionally, I welcomed and directed parents to the classroom during parents' meeting, and interacted with them on behalf of the children's teacher. Moreover, I enforced the rules of the school and those of the class to enhance proper behaviours on the students. In conclusion, I think that the tasks done in the workplace are extremely important in the education sector because they help in sharpening the skills of the children. These tasks not only benefit the students but they are also advantageous to the assistant teacher who executes them because he or she may enjoy interacting with the children and the parents. Although they are numerous and tiresome, the assistant teacher must develop a proper way of handling them effectively.

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Situations Faced in the Workplace and their Comparison with Situations Faced by a Person in a Related Job Field

One problem in the workplace is pressure due to collective workload and incompatible demands. Most of the expectations of the workloads are unfeasible. This issue occurs when a lot of duties are assigned to the assistant teacher and he or she is expected to complete them within a short time. Another problem is stress especially from troublesome pupils. Working with hyperactivity and children with behavioural difficulties who don't follow the regulations is the stressful situation. Handling such children becomes an obstacle in the career because some of them fail to complete the class assignments due to rudeness. Another problem is that the administration may fail to clarify job description and the roles to be undertaken once employed as an assistant teacher. As such, the support staff could have the feeling that their job is not worth, and represents only a portion of what they execute. Any other duties contrary to the roles they are expected to undertake can open abuses. Another problem is low wages. Teaching assistants are often paid below their expectations because their employers tend to think that they are assigned lighter duties. With the low pay, they end up looking for part-time jobs after which they lack sufficient time to be with their families. Comparing these situations with what a person in a related job may face, it can be noted that these jobs are more or less the same based on the experiences in the workplace. In essence, both an assistant teacher and a person working in a related field experience similar issues with children and the administration. In other words, the person in the related field also has a high chance of experiencing pressure due to increased workload. They may also receive a low pay and have insufficient time for their families.

Conclusions about the Workplace and Personal Thoughts

The workplace has various advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, it allows the assistant teacher to build a strong relationship with the children and the parents through interaction. Secondly, the environment helps children to overcome difficulties in learning because it provides them with the assistants who are always available for them. Thirdly, the work environment enables the assistants to explore their skills in the career and to create a friendly relationship with the colleagues. For these reasons, the organization allows the teaching attendants to perform duties such as clerical support, supervision of students, preparation of learning materials, and interaction with parents. Despite the various benefits that the institution exhibits, it exposes its employees to certain risks such as increased workload, pressure, low wages and family problems. From an individual point of view, the assistant teachers dedicate much of their time to helping the students. To some extent, the children feel free with them more than their teachers although their role is just to support the educator. These individuals also help the teachers to concentrate on the class work rather than on other activities outside the class. In this context, the workplace needs to favour the assistant teachers in all aspects due to the recommendable job they are doing in the organization. Just like other employees in different organizations, the school needs to increase their salaries of the assistant teachers, give them promotions, motivate them and offer them with other employee benefits. By doing so, the assistant teachers will be attracted to their work without thinking of other employment opportunities. In conclusion, this work setting is a better place, but, it needs to be improved for the benefit of the children. Therefore, I feel that teaching assistants are important people in the school and the administration needs to do everything possible to consider their welfare and sustain them in the institution.

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