Essay Sample with the Research Summary on International Business

Published: 2019-09-26
Essay Sample with the Research Summary on International Business
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Purpose of the Study and Research Gap

This study was aimed at establishing the recent contributions, which have been necessitating the research agenda in international business. Additionally, the study was intended to determine the emerging themes in literature that will encourage and indeed shape future work. There exists limited knowledge of the major themes, theories and articles that drive information creation in international business.

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How the Study Fits With the Larger Literature, Major Theory or Theories Discussed

The research reviews scholarly articles and provides more information on the themes. Therefore, it introduces nothing new but seeks to improve on the existing literature. The major theory of the study is that by examining the progress made by scholars in international business, the researcher will provide a glimpse of the future.

Primary Hypotheses/Propositions and Constructs in the Paper

This paper is premised on the presumption that any Future advancement of international business is largely dependent on the existing scholarly knowledge as well as the work of contemporary contributors generating new knowledge in the field.

Methods and Measurements Used In the Paper

The research aims are achieved through the selection of journals in the international business field, which will form the sample of the Delhi study. A citation analysis was conducted to provide a method of an objective assessment of the interests and perceptions of the scientific field. Specifically, a Social Science Citation Index was deployed to enable the researcher locate the citations of the scholarly articles.


It was assumed that addressing the research questions of the study would provide a complete understanding of the progress that has been made in the field of international business. Additionally, it was the assumption of the researcher that any future advancement in the international business field largely relies on the existing scholarship as well as the generation of new knowledge by the current contributors.

Boundary Conditions

The Delphi study participants were supposed to be contributors on the field of international business and the selection was done based on their productivity. The journals selected to provide the foundational issues in international business field were supposed to be based on extant as opposed to any other form of literature.

Key Findings

The most cited journal articles from the study were those of Shenkar and Storper who are concerned with conceptualizing and measuring cultural distance, and economic geography of the internet age. The findings shows that there is much more interest in the fields of internet/electronic mediation and role of culture as well as to how it is measured. Progress has been made in the focus of multinational business. However, the transformation of the multinationals require much more investigation on the commoditization of organizational processes as well as the increasingly changing function of the third-party providers within the value chain.

Assessment of Strengths/Weaknesses of the Study

The study has the strength of basing its argument on reviewing a wide range of scholarly articles, which makes its findings more valid and reliable. However, in my opinion, the use of the Social Science Citation Index is just a recent inclusion, which makes it seem to be under-reporting its influence on international business filed. The selection of top 4.61% of publishers could lead to bias on how they analyze the research topics.

Unanswered Questions That May Provide Fruitful Venues for Future Research

What are the contributions of those scholarly articles that cannot be traced via the use of the Social Science Citation Index?

What does research show in the other years that were not studied?


Griffith, D. A., Tamer Cavusgil, S., & Xu, S. (2008). Emerging themes in international business research. Journal of International Business Studies, 39(7), 1220-1235.

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