Free Essay Sample. Brazilian Mining Case

Published: 2023-05-01
Free Essay Sample. Brazilian Mining Case
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Samarco mining company is one of the top notches in terms of efficient and superb operations. Its excellent services do not only stem from the kind of activities, but it takes into consideration a broad base of customers drawn from the incoming students and the real consumers at large. This is one reason the company has saved on its expenditures significantly and cut substantial production costs.

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What are some of the most Salient Points in the Mining Case?

The company underscores various points that make its operations outstanding. Firstly, the management has created a balance between the top customer's product needs while also being considerate of its internal goals. This has been done by strategically developing new products through measures of solving their problems. Secondly, the company has a myriad means tackling activities that require attention. The organization champions community-based projects focusing on addressing various topics (Jacobsen 23). The main aim of these projects is to improve the services and better products to the customers. Finally, Samarco has learned that they have failed to address the product while it reaches the customer adequately; they have bridged this gap by a sustainable marketing plan focusing on customer needs by use of the voice of the customer data.

How have The Six Sigma Principles applied in the real setting of the Company?

The six sigma principles include; recognize measure, analyze, improve, and control. Samarco Company has endeavored to understand the need to follow up on its product in the hands of customers for proper feedback through the voice of the customer data. In terms of measure, the feedback from the customers is synchronized to segmentize the operation activities. This helps in marketing purposes (Jacobsen 25). The company analyzes the market trends to avoid unnecessary competition. Also, the company has a team that is tasked to improve opportunities that are beneficial to customer's facilities. Improvement of the product quality is one advantage the company has over competing for cohorts. The company realized that the ore is refined but requires value addition. This has been followed by redefining the product to suit the customer's specifications and preferences. Finally, the company has managed to control its market as well as spanning it in new areas. The management opines that customer specifications, needs, and market trends have all been studied to help the control of the customer base.

What can be learned about Six Sigma that was different from the Previous Learning

The operationalization of a company in the caliber of Samarco takes a great deal of commitment apart from intellect. Previously, I thought the company operates on 'thought to be better' ideas centralized (Jacobsen 27). As opposed to this, the company stakeholders are solely responsible for making succinct and prudent decisions that influence the marketing strategy to the company. Besides, for such a big company, bureaucracy is a system that slows down the pace of production. The company has minimized bureaucratic procedures citing the involvement of customers in data collection and listening to their concerns.

What are the overall qualities of the case?

One of the essential qualities of the company is the concern the management, as well as the workers, have shown to customers. These are the people who support the company, thus considering their plight by addressing product quality is an essential step to being a household name. Secondly, the company has placed fair measures to minimize expenditure, notably is the $ 2 million that has been saved on operation costs (Jacobsen 30). The company leadership makes it one of the top among its competitors. The management always makes a clear decision with regard to the company's goals, and customers need all be considered at the same time.

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