Essay Example. Personality Tests and Analysis

Published: 2023-05-02
Essay Example. Personality Tests and Analysis
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According to the Jung Typology Test, I am an Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving (INTP). An INTP is characterized by being very analytical in its work. They are usually detached to the world therefore they tend to analyze things as a way of connecting to the world. As a result, many of them like math. The test has also described me as a person who is flexible up to a point where I feel that my self-dignity is abused and I choose to shut down. The test also finds me to take a description of my surroundings pretty seriously and have a tendency of correcting others.

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However, I disagree with the test that I reason based on my thinking but not my feelings. I believe that that is not true because I am very companionate towards people. I agree with the test that I am an introvert. I like to interpret things with the use of numbers because they make me understand the world better. I believe that the text also finds me agreeable which is true. According to (Cattell, R. B. & Kline, P,1977). Agreeableness individuals are tolerant, kind, and friendly, and it makes good sense that they seek a satisfactory relationship with others.

The big five models are good models to test the personality of people. In my test, I got a fairly low score on open-mindedness and extraversion. Therefore, my creativity and enthusiasm are relatively low. I also have a tendency of looking inward to my internal and subjective reactions to my environment and according to (Pittenger D. J, 1993) that is a behavior of introverts.

Based on my results, I think that an employee would employ me because I am reliable well organized, and careful with the work I am doing. I would also have an advantage as my decisions are not clouded by personal emotion. However, an employee would be hesitant to employ me because of the low score I got for open-mindedness. Companies would prefer more creative employees.

I would like to improve on my open-mindedness. Open-mindedness is particularly striking and commendable when we overcome resistance within ourselves to certain ideas when we are prepared to expose our judgments about what is true to criticism (Hare, W. 2009). I think that I have to be more willing to take critics more positively and accept it whenever I am wrong or when improvements are made to my ideas.


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