Donald Trump's Border Wall, Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2022-04-20
Donald Trump's Border Wall, Free Essay for Everyone
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One of the major pledges by Donald Trump during campaign was the construction of a wall along the United States-Mexico border. "I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I build them very inexpensively," said Donald Trump (Trump, 2015). A border wall is not a new concept to contemporary politics in the United States of America, however, under the Trump Administration, it is shrouded in negativity. While the construction of the wall is highly contested by some groups including the Congress, which have not approved its funding, the positive impact it would yield to the US economy is significant. Perhaps, the utterances by Trump on immigrants are more provocative. It should however be noted that the country loses much from the influx of immigrants. The initiative of controlling the immigration menace by former regimes shows the positive significance of having the fence erected.

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The idea of constructing a border barrier began in the late 1980s and Construction commenced in 1984 during the Reagan administration. In 1993, during the Presidency of Bill Clinton, U.S Attorney General Janet Reno announced Operation Gatekeeper, the erection of a 325-mile border fence between Mexico and California. While Operation Gatekeeper addressed illegal immigration concerns in California, the Clinton Administration also implemented Operation Hold-the-Line in Texas and Operation Safeguard in Arizona in 1994. This shows there have all along been a desire to create a barrier between United States and Mexico despite the current controversy and stand-off between the dissenting voices and the ruling regime (Johnson, 2017). Based upon the success of the Clinton Administration's initiatives, Republican President George W. Bush further advanced US immigration policy by signing the Secure Fence Act of 2006 (Pub.L. 109-367) into law stating it would protect the American people by securing the border.

The fiscal drain from illegal immigration to the US taxpayers is estimated at $134,863,455,364 in national expenditure per year. This is in addition to federal and state expenditures of $45,870,474,332 and $88,992,981,032 respectively (O'Brien, Raley & Martin, 2017). This huge expenditure impacts negatively to the Americans who have to incur the cost in form of increased taxes. In addition to the fiscal cost, social implications such as increase in crime rate is a motivating factor of constructing the fence. The immigrants' influx have translated to increased crime rates in the United States. This has led to increased incarcerations and overpopulation in jails. For these reasons, both the Democrat and Republican parties have tried to address illegal immigration by building a wall. President Trump's aggressiveness in the plan is to the benefit of his people, Americans.

Most of the illegal immigrants depend on social services instead of engaging in economic activities. This means a large portion of taxpayers money goes to cater for their welfare. Moreover, much of the money got by Mexican immigrants is sent back to their motherland, a move that deprives the United States economy of cash. Also, the Mexican drug dealers have used the border for trafficking, ruining American youths (Ortega, 2015). Reforms in immigration are necessary in eliminating illegal immigration menace.

Immigrants lack proper immigration documents making their accountability impossible. Limiting their access to United States would lead to an ideal, and robust legal process to citizenship (Huber, 2016). Such a move ensures the legal immigrants get American citizenship and as well engage in productive economic activities. It is unfortunate that although a large number of American youth remain unemployed, illegal immigrants get access to job opportunities. This deprives them of employment opportunities and makes them dependent in their otherwise developed nation (Warren & Kerwin, 2017). Building the wall will ensure the country gets self-economic determination and the hardworking citizens enjoy the fruits of their effort.

The wall will be built in remote areas which will ignite their development. The small villages along the wall will have boosted economies from expenditure of those engaged in its construction. In addition, Trump wall will enhance alienation of the Hispanics who have all through remained entangled in their culture. A reduction in their number will make them seek education and integrate into the knowledgeable community. This will improve their status in society. In a nut shell, illegal immigration to the United States of America has resulted to detrimental effects including but not limited to social, and economic challenges.


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