Free Essay on Whether Blended Learning Accelerate Student Growth

Published: 2017-08-15
Free Essay on Whether Blended Learning Accelerate Student Growth
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How effective is the blended learning at Rocky Mount Prep in accelerating student learning?

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Since Rocky Mount Prep needed to increase student learning, they devised an innovative process in school setup so that some improvement can be achieved. The school has used NWEA MAP data as assessment tool data model, which helped the teachers to make an informed decision while addressing needs for the learners. Results revealed that blended learning contributed to overall growth at every grade level, a factor believed to be as a result of improved learning experienced among student. According to a survey performed at Rocky Mount Prep, it was clear that teachers were averagely satisfied hence acceleration of learning could not be achieved fully. Furthermore, a study indicated that teachers were not even fully prepared to be actively involved in the implementation of blended learning and less acceleration of learning.

Besides, according to information collected from respondents, as a strategy to evaluate the effectiveness of learning, it was noted that a positive feedback was achieved. English and history, science, and business communication were mostly associated with improved learning when blended learning was applied. Evaluating the scale of satisfaction with blended learning in accelerating student education, it was clear that approximately 82% was satisfied while 18% held a neutral level of satisfaction. On the other hand, it was found out that blended learning was a reliable resource for learning, hence, an assurance of improvised learning processes. This is because it enhances better memory for already learned materials. Besides, blending learning is a good example of regular practice while executing activities such as solving equations and multiplication of facts. Lastly, blended learning leads to student-led learning, which is appropriate for them to learn at their convenience. This leads to proper learning activities such as project-based learning.

What are staff perceptions of blended learning program at Rocky Mount Prep and its effects on accelerating student learning?

Staff, especially teachers stated that they were not well-prepared to fully implement blended learning. They believed that blended learning could only achieve better results if students are ready to acquire skills and cooperate fully. For example, according to responses, when teachers were asked if they would like to teach in a blended format, 55% were probable while 45% were definitely. For the teachers who were for blended learning, they believed that high chances of interaction were realized due to the availability of more knowledge in websites. Also, they advocated for blended learning because students utilized online programs, which helped them to be active participants in the class. On the other hand, teachers who stated that the experience somewhat increased believed that interaction between them and learners was decreased.

The biggest cause of interruption was disruption from outside environment. Other teachers never like this type of learning since a level of participation fell leading to poor learning amongst students. According to a survey about interaction, 40% recorded better results, 10% about the same and 50% worse. All in all, blended learning is virtually important since immediate feedback, proper record keeping and quality face to face interaction can be achieved. Besides, there is active participation of learners and overall development of learners. Hence for such reasons, this type of learning should be encouraged and practiced in schools. Lastly, the staff should be encouraged to cooperate so that student growth and improvement of learning can be realized.

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