Essay Sample on Palin's View on America and Americans

Published: 2019-11-05
Essay Sample on Palin's View on America and Americans
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Palin describes the topography to be very spectacular with a lovely mountainous landscape forming a rhythmic S motion with the valleys and streams as they travel by train. Palin represents the train movement to be snake motion within the Rocky Mountains. Moreover, the landscape has a lot of wildlife and Native American people as observed during Foggs visit. In the contemporary world, however, the wildlife and the Native American people are long gone. Nevertheless, the view of the mountain terrain remains stunning. The narrator stresses that the view is breathtaking for breakfast.

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The weather, as described by the author is extremely snowy. In fact, the narrator mentions the snow throughout the journey. He begins by talking about a light covering of snow as they get into Salt Lake City. The journalist went on to mention that his endeavors and those of his predecessor just over one hundred years ago were the same as it had just stopped snowing. He further stresses that the train in which they were to travel in on this sixty-sixth day of their trip was also running late as it was stuck in the snowdrift. All these occurrences prove that the chilly weather in America forms lots of adventure for visitors.

On a dull yet adventurous note, Palin describes the landscape to be treacherous. He outlines the numerous dangerous routes to navigate on their journey. For instance, apart from the precariously hanging rocks, the streams were meandering, and the valleys kept getting narrower. In addition to that, it seems that the terrain is quite steep. This is further enhanced by the fact that at one point, as the writer and the team were having lunch in Grand Junction Colorado; they were at four thousand, nine hundred and six feet above the mean ground level. Barely hours into the journey at a quarter past four, and they were at an elevation of five thousand six hundred feet. An hour later they were at two thousand five hundred feet. The rising and falling landscape, however, breathtaking may cause many, especially those afraid of heights to crumble with fear.

The writer extends by outlining various unusual features on American soil. He describes the landscape to be full of beautiful half-frozen streams running through the valleys. At one point the narrator alludes to the fact that he did not particularly like to travel by plane as he could not enjoy the surrounding environment. He says that however little time he had, he could not help but stop along the way through the Rockies to enjoy the view. The landscape was also composed of huge rocks, some of which had substantially weathered over time. This weathering process had significantly broken them down and reshaped them into all sizes with smaller rocks stacking on top of larger boulders. The most amazing thing about the rocks was that they hanged on top of each other rather dangerously. All in all, the rocky landscape formed a perfect experience for travel.

On the American people, the writer thinks that the average American people did not care much about their environment. He also viewed that the American people did not care about what big industries were doing to the environment. He thought that the American people were not knowledgeable about where they lived, neither were they determined to protect their environment from unnecessary development. This is a profound concern to the narrator.

On their behaviour, the American people were thorough but also bewildering. The writer alludes to the fact that the Glenwood Hot Springs, which was once a soothing spot for the Ute Indians, was now a busy health spa full of notices in thorough but bewildering American style. This is a significant reminder that the American people were very industrious.

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