Essay Sample about Fantasy Play in Pre-school Children

Published: 2018-12-07
Essay Sample about Fantasy Play in Pre-school Children
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Fantasy play as practiced by pre-school children involves creating stories and afterward acting on them. Fantasy play amongst pre-school children is important since it helps them develop various essential skills. According to research, children who lacked skills to practice fantasy games have a high likelihood of struggling in their class work. Otherwise, those that often played fantasy games found it easy to learn various materials in a classroom setup despite the level of complexity (Paley, 2009). This paper will describe the importance of fantasy play during preschool years and also explain differences in fantasy play for male and females.

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Playing fantasy games promotes communication by use of words and actions, helps children to express their emotions, and encourages creativity and imagination. Besides, the act of planning is developed since in most cases they analyze what to play first and subsequently roles that they should take. Moreover, the game helps in problem-solving and negotiation since different roles that children take creates room for such (Paley, 2009). Most important to note is that fantasy plays helps children develop social skills since they practice various roles while playing. Improvement of thought process, psycho-social health and language are are also benefits of playing fantasy games amongst preschool children (Paley, 2009).

In most cases, boys play fantasy games assuming roles that are masculine in nature, while girls play those that can be attached to feminism. For example, the boy often plays fantasy games that assume roles such as truck driver, footballer, butcher, shopkeeper, mechanic and being head of a family (Paley, 2009). By contrary, girls practice roles such as being mothers and taking care of children, being a nurse, fashion designer and practicing how to model. However, in other cases, both boys and girls play fantasy games together such as acting a movie among others.


Paley, V. G. (2009). A Child's Work: The Importance of Fantasy Play. Chicago, United States: University of Chicago Press.

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