HRM Essay Example on Job Satisfaction

Published: 2019-06-10
HRM Essay Example on Job Satisfaction
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Employees' job satisfaction is highly linked to the profitability of the organization. The need for an employer to meet the needs of their employees and ensure that the working environment is motivational can easily result in a motivated staff. Having staff, that is willing to give more to the customer who will not resist coming back as a result of customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales hence profitability.

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Employees job satisfaction is motivated by many factors some of which may be personal attributes of their characters. The organization, an employee, is working for has a high stake in making the employee satisfied with their jobs. The need to ensure that the welfare of the workers is looked into at the position is the key to the achievement of this goal. The organization needs to ensure that the employees work in the best environment for them to give their best regarding their skills. The better working environment is critical to ensuring that the employees have the right attitude towards their jobs; these attitudes to ensure that employees provide services that are of a quality to help an organization meet its goals.

For employees to be satisfied with their jobs, they have to perceive that the inputs they invest in a job are proportionate to the outcome they achieve from it. The job inputs for an employee, most of the times are measured by them regarding the service an employee dedicates to the organization as per to the terms of their service. Employees expect their service in terms of time, energy, and other resources to be adequately compensated for. They further need to be motivated especially when they have to identify themselves with the final product; being consulted before decisions affecting them or their line of product is mandatory if any satisfaction with the job is to be achieved.

Ungar (2013) article, Wal-Mart pays workers poorly and sinks, while Costco pays workers well and sails- a proof that you get what you pay for. The article provides a great analysis of the two companies, Wal-Mart, and Costco. The two organizations used a different approach to their employees to achieve their satisfactions; this approaches yielded different results for the organizations in terms of profits.

The approach used by Wal-Mart to ensure that its employees deliver highly attributed to the low employee motivation. Though they are key competitors who strive to make sales to the same target market, hence put in place strategies to outdo each other; Costco retailers reported a relatively large sales compared to Wal-Mart, who registered a sales growth of 1.2% compared to Costco that had 8% rise in the sales. For any business, the sales are a key determiner of the company profitability. According to Ungar (2013), Wal-Marts low sale is attributed to poor handling of customers which results in a staff that is de-motivated. The failure of Wal-Mart to have enough staff in its stores has led to a thinly spread staff that is unable to look into the welfare of the customers promptly, resulting in longer checkout lines, less organized stores and low motivated serving staffs.

The Wal-Mart staff payment that is low was also attributed to the low sales increase in 2013. Unlike the competitors, Wal-Mart paid its employees a living wage that the employees seemed not to appreciate highly. Less payment for employees means a de-motivated lot that has little or no attachment to the organization. Putting workers on low pay leads to them giving out a low-quality service that can quickly result in customer satisfaction hence low sales and eventually low profits. Salaries highly define employees commitment to their jobs; a well-paid employee is unlikely to offer shoddy services as they feel they are adequately appreciated hence tend to offer the best service. Employees consider adequate salaries as an outcome of their input that they invest in an organization. Better salaries are regarded as a distributive outcome that is fair for the service they render. Being adequately compensated for the service will lead to better service delivery as the employees will their best to ensure that the input they dedicate their services into is of good quality as the service will be adequately compensated.

Equity in any job is a key to ensuring job satisfaction. Employees who are adequately compensated will be highly satisfied as they know they are not being used or rather the respective organizations do not disadvantage them. Ensuring equality is essential to ensuring that distributive fairness I an organization is achieved. Its the only key to balancing and determining the inputs and outputs of an organization, whereby the employee is the only pivot that maintains the balance. Wal-Mart employees were dissatisfied lot in 2013 as they were not adequately compensated. The poor compensation resulted into affecting the sales of the company, which in itself is output. As Ungar (2013) urges, the poor pay led to high turnover in Wal-Mart, dissatisfied staff had to either leave or underperform, eventually ending in never meeting the needs and expectations of the customers. The low worker turns out is evidenced by disorganized stock in the store that is not satisfactory to the clients.

Potential solutions

The need for Wal-Mart to address the mess faced in 2013 that resulted in it having low sales hence is based on the need to address the employees needs. Poor working conditions of the employees, coupled with poor remuneration can be a basis for the collapse of an organization despite its size or previous development. Adequate compensation of workers does not only provide a basis for their satisfaction but also act as a sole motivator for giving their best. Employers should t in place mechanism to ensure that employees are adequately paid for their services. This could be through cutting on organizational wastages to improve o their welfare.

Furthermore ensuring that employees participate in making a decision especially on issues that affect their work delivery is vital to ensuring that they are motivated in doing their jobs. They will profoundly identify themselves as the result of any changes they are involved in hence be highly motivated in their jobs.


Ungar, R(April, 17th 2013). Walmart Pays Workers Poorly And Sinks While Costco Pays Workers Well And Sails-Proof That You Get What You Pay For. Forbes.

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