Philosophy Essay Sample: Socrates and Virtue Concept

Published: 2022-09-05
Philosophy Essay Sample: Socrates and Virtue Concept
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What Does Socrates Think Virtue is?

Socrates thinks that virtue is a form of knowledge. He asserts that every living thing aims for everything that they perceive to be good. Therefore, individuals do what is right after knowing what is good since their focus is to on do whatever is right. He adds that virtue is a result of knowledge (Www2.Hawaii.Edu, 2018, 22 D-E). In other words, a good man is always a wise man. However, the case applies when a rational decision is made. For instance, he argues that a Wiseman may do the very thing they hate through an impulse of a bad habit which is unchecked. Instead, it is not only by ignoring what is right. An individual cannot be wise apart from knowing although it is by knowing that they don't know something that is worth knowing (Www2.Hawaii.Edu, 2018, 21D). According to Socrates, the wise do what is right and beautiful while those who are ignorant of what is right or beautiful cannot succeed however much they try. Therefore, he concludes that since justice and other beautiful and good actions are victorious, then virtue is a form of wisdom.

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How Does Socrates Interact With His Fellow Citizens?

Socrates way of interaction with citizens is on an individual level. He has evaded himself from politics and other public affairs with the intention of interacting with fellow citizens. From his argument, he links his behavior as being a result of a supernatural sign. In other words, it's an inner voice which dissuades him from being involved in such allures. In that connection, he claims to be the only man who has been alive during the ripe age of seventy. From his perception, no single man who has been opposing the state however justly can live for long (Www2.Hawaii.Edu, 2018, 28A). In whatever Socrates does, he claims to be doing great favors to Athens. Therefore, he has no any option to replace his stand of supporting his citizens. For example, he is continuously encouraging citizens to wake out of their deep sleep.

What Is the Activity by Which He Performs His Service To The god In Athens?

The "crux of Socrates defense" on his trial is among the service he performs to the god in Athens. He pursued the "Divine mission" as an important responsibility. He honored the mission although it brought enmity and poverty to his fellow citizens. He tells jurors that Delphic oracle is an important aspect which set him a path of divine service. According to many scholars, his mission was a complex one. He freedmen from their pretence of wisdom and exhorted them to the world of truth and actual attainment to perfect their souls (Www2.Hawaii.Edu, 2018, 29E). Furthermore, he attempted to free them from the life of bondage of their concern about material things and urged them to focus on possessing the most precious good, virtue (Www2.Hawaii.Edu, 2018, 30A). It is quite complicated for someone to derive such a complex injunction as Socrates did from just a mere declaration that no any single man was wiser than him.

What Is The Connection Between This Activity And Virtue Or The Best Possible State Of The Human Soul?

Socrates explains the highest good as being an act of coherent soul in respect with virtue. The activity relates to the aspect of virtue in the sense that it is also equivalence to excellence. A man is known to have a virtue as a flautist. In other words, a virtuous individual is the one who does the unique event of becoming a better person (Www2.Hawaii.Edu, 2018, 33B). . Rationality is among the distinguishing activity which differentiates man from other living things. For instance, all creatures have a nutritive soul that governs their growth and development. The event also illustrates how human and plants are different from each other because man has a sensitive soul that dictates their instinct and locomotion. Also, human are different from other creatures since they have a rational soul which governs their thoughts. Therefore, since human rationality is the distinctive activity, its exercise is excellence good.

What Is The Connection Between Virtue And Happiness?

The relationship between happiness and virtue is a crucial philosophical area that individuals should take with great concern. Happiness is the supreme good where human virtues ultimately aim. The activities of doing good at some end objective at bringing happiness. Happiness is dependent on the aspect of attaining good moral character. In the process, one can display different virtues of courage, friendship, and generosity. Both happiness and virtue mean perfection in a manner that human can attain happiness through acquiring virtue (Www2.Hawaii.Edu, 2018, 39A). The above type of joy involves both great happiness and the human's ultimate sublimity. Therefore, by considering the two perspectives as goals, happiness and virtue are dependent on each other. In other words, none is separate from the other.

You Might Think That Socrates Can Make Others Happy Only If He Is Happy. Is Socrates Happy? Why or Why Not?

From the above perspectives, Socrates makes Athens citizens happy in his philosophical activities. According to my perception, Socrates is happy. He is believed to have a unique position in the history of happiness. Just as he thought, he achieved his joy through harsh punishment from his accusers. He meets his key to happiness by turning all his attention from the body and dedicating it towards the soul. He harmonizes his desires to learn how to appease the mind and attain a state of tranquility that is divine- like (Www2.Hawaii.Edu, 2018, 41 D). He lives a moral life which results to his happier life. More so, he keeps happiness to the forefront and links it to other concepts such as justice, virtue and the entire meaning of human existence. He believes himself for having self-knowledge that finds true happiness to him. He does not concern his life with physical and external conditions to achieve satisfaction in his life. However, he lives a right life that fit his souls in pursuing his happiness.

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